If you want to lose weight fast without being on a very restrictive boring diet plan, then you’re going like this article. As we know most diet plans will require you to constantly keep your calories low or to avoid carbs almost entirely, there are a couple of dieting strategies that get you to lose weight in a short amount of time without being hungry.

These are referred to as cyclical diet plans and that they have lots of unique benefits over regular dieting.

Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight in 21 Days

Today I would like to go through to the most powerful cyclical diet plans that I believe will help those of you that are looking to start fat loss. I also will help those that are already on dieting but still can’t get the result of the last bit of stubborn fat.

So, take this information!

One important point, if you follow me through this article, I can promise that not only you are going to learn new things, but you’ll be able to take this knowledge and apply it. Thus, you can start seeing some very fast results.

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight.

1. Calorie Cycling.

The most basic sort of cyclical dieting is called calorie cycling.

After you start a diet you’ll normally begin by working out. What percentage of calories you must be eating to lose weight and deficit? In that case, you need to multiply your body weight in pounds by twelve that should give you a pretty good starting point.

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To make this easy, let’s say the total calories that you want to eat to lose weight are 2,000, and to maintain your weight you need to take 2,500 calories. With a daily calorie restriction, the type of diet plan you should cut is about 500 calories per day. Thus, after seven days you’ll finish up with a 3500 calorie deficit.

This is how most people approach dieting or maybe you can think to cut off gluten?.

However, another way you can cycle your calories. You might start with 1700 calories on day one. Then the next day you would have 2,000 calories. Then 2300 and maybe 1500 calories for the next two days. Continue by 2,000 calories and finally at the end of the week, you could have a nice cheat day in which let’s say you would eat 3,000 calories.

If you add all these numbers up and divide the total by seven you could see that by the end of the week you are still taking 2,000 calories per day on average.

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The reason why you might want to do this instead of consistently sticking to 2,000 calories every day for the whole week is that cycling calorie. This way provides many benefits, it may make it a better dieting strategy for you.

Another positive point you can get is you will eat many more calories some days but on the other day, you could reduce it by eating a lot fewer calories. This allows you to have a rest or a cheat day. This way helps plenty of people to continue the plan because they need something to appear forward to each week.

I assume that many studies showed that cyclical diets have better adherence rates.

Cycling calories now becomes the broadest form of cyclical dieting as it gives you a lot of options.

You can go high-calorie one day and then low-calorie the following day or instead, you’ll be able to have high calories one week and low calories the following week.

2.  Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet requires you to keep your carbs low, not like a vegan lifestyle. The most ketogenic plans will call for you to only have about 5% of your daily calories coming from carbs (1). It is usually less than 30 to 50 grams of carbs per day.

It is best to target a ketogenic diet where you have 25 to 50 grams of carbs before your high-intensity workouts (2). It is either of those approaches that will make you stick to the keto diet easier and will ultimately facilitate your preservation of more muscle mass.

Please keep in mind that if you’ve been on a very strict keto diet for a while, you’ll probably gain some water weight when reintroducing carbs as each gram of carbs stored in your muscles will also produce 3 grams of water.

However, our point here is a fat loss to lose weight and it’s not to lose water weight.

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Another thing that I want to highlight here is that if you’re not having frequent intense training sessions throughout the week, you won’t be depleting enough carbs and glycogen to quickly get back into ketosis. In this case, a cyclical keto diet may not be a good option, and sticking to a regular keto protocol may work better.

In fact, not only is having such a small amount of carbs every day is difficult for a lot of people to stick to. However, there are also drawbacks if you’re keeping your carbs low for long lengths of time as it might cause thyroid issues.

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Some studies showed that the carbohydrate content of your diet may be one of the most important things for your thyroid hormone metabolism (3, 4). If your thyroid isn’t working optimally, your weight loss will most likely stall.

Another disadvantage is in the area of performance there’s no denying that the ketogenic diet is extremely effective for weight loss but there’s also no denying that carbohydrates are very important for improved better performance levels especially at higher intensities.

3. Carb Cycling.

Carb cycling is a great way to lose fat to lose weight. It is also great for preserving strength and muscle mass (5). Not only help you to keep your performance levels high, also helps to reload on carbs that will assist you with recovery.

Anyway, since you’ll be replenishing your muscles glycogen stores, typically a carb cycling diet will involve a couple of high carb days, moderate carb days and low carb days.

For example, you would take 30 grams of carbs on your low-carb day, 100 grams on your moderate day, and 250 on your high carb day.

Additionally, your protein intake will remain constant throughout the week. Also, during your lower carb days, you can think of taking more fiber (vegan lifestyle), you could choose to increase your fat intake to decrease hunger and help you along with the diet.

In contrast, during high carb days, having intense workouts or yoga, and don’t forget to stick with it. I would say the fat loss and lose weight program will benefit more by carving off the day before the intense workout.

What about for those who like to do a workout at night whether at home or hitting the gym?

Then a high carb day on the same day as your workout may work better.

Based on my experience, it would be much easier to stick to a carb cycling diet because they don’t make me feel sluggish and tired.

Other benefits you will get by loading up on carbs rather than fat increase is increased leptin (the hormone that’s released by your fat cells) that work to inform your brain that you’re full and no longer need to continue eating.

As we all know, cutting calories in any way will typically slow your metabolism and cause weight loss results plateau, we should keep our metabolism as high as possible to lose weight and carb cycling could help us to accomplish this.

4. Alternate-day Fasting.

Another way to kickstart to lose weight is alternate-day fasting. The most basic form of alternate-day fasting would be done by fasting for 24 hours and then eating freely for the next 24 hours.

Since you wouldn’t be taking in any calories on your fasting day. You’ll have a lot more flexibility when you get to eat on the following day and be less restrictive.

It’s very important to remember that you should not overeat and slow fat loss even if you fast it for the full 24 hours the day before.

Studies showed that alternate-day fasting doesn’t have any negative effects on eating disorder symptoms for some people. However, you could ease it by having a small meal (500 calories) or these 7 drinks on your fasting day.

The idea to have a small meal can make your diet much more sustainable for longer lengths of time. if you still think that this might be a little too challenging for you, you’ll probably do much better with our final method to kick-start your fat loss on your belly and to lose weight.

5. Intermittent Fasting.

It is a form of cyclical dieting because you’ll cycle between periods of eating and periods of fasting. The most common approach is the 16-8 method. This protocol will lead you to fast for 16 hours and then you would limit your feeding window to only 8 hours.

Intermittent Fasting

Since you’ll most likely have to skip at least one meal, intermittent fasting allows you to have some more flexibility with your meal options just like alternate day fasting does.

However, it is a lot easier for many people to manage because you don’t have to fast for a full 24 hours and you still get to eat large filling meals every day.

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Intermittent fasting is effective as another continuous calorie restriction diet plans for both fat loss and muscle preservation it is flexible. However, it is recommended to eat mostly healthy foods during your eating window as if the plan will backfire if you eat tons of junk food or simply overeat and end up taking in too many calories.

The Bottom Line

The efforts to lose fat as well as to lose weight needs your commitment and discipline. Those 5 ways that I mentioned above are recommended to follow and you can see the result within 21 days. Again, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor or nutrition experts to make sure which way is best for you.

“Eliminate the mindset of can’t – because you can do anything.” – Toni Horton.

If you enjoyed this article on Top 5 ways to lose weight in only 21 days or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!