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Eat less to reduce more. It might be one of the perspectives for those who are currently working and stay motivated in their weight loss program. The weight might be declined but it is not healthy.

No carbs, no grain or nuts or oil or…fun!

Punishing your body to eat less without a proper plan might risk your health. Your body will lose important nutrition, and it has the potential to lead to another problem.

Struggle, it is a word that might keep in your mind, there nothing worth comes easily.

When you are being so strict, it might end you become so more flexible, I mean eating anything you want once you feel that is enough.

Have you ever thought, “Why do I have to suffer so much? Is it healthy enough?”

You may reduce your weight but, what about your health?

There is one new trend called, “Intermittent fasting” which is an eating pattern if it is done in the right way can provide you significant health benefits and helps you to lose weight. (1, 2).

It’s a dream combination, isn’t it?

Look! I have read somewhere before, I need to fast for 16 hours, that’s insane. It is insane, but it is not about you are going to suffer like that. Then… what?! Let me break it down for you to be more clear.

I am pretty sure, after reading this ultimate guide about how to start intermittent fasting, you will master the scientific facts of fasting and the goal you can achieve.

What is Intermittent fasting?

Whenever you don’t eat, you are fasting. Then.. if you do it irregularly, it is intermittent. Bang!

Questions: What is the difference between fasting and intermittent fasting then? Time adjustment – eating pattern. Well, talking about eating patterns, let me make it clear from here.

It is not a diet, not about what you can take and you can’t take.

How To Start Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

It is not about what you eat, but when you eat.

There are a few pattern options that you can choose based on your lifestyle. I will cover it up in a while. This time-restricted eating allows you to drink water. It is such as healing for our soul, oh that’s right!.

How does it work?

Again, let me clear up all the messes in your mind about not eating for 16 hours long…long and long.

For 16 hours long of fasting, people normally tend to skip breakfast to adjust dinner time. However, this is an option. The pattern is you need to make an 8-hour gap between two meals than fast for 16 hours.

For example, if you eat your first meal at 12 noon, you should be eating your dinner at 8 PM then the next meal is on the next day at 12 noon since it is counted 16 hours since you have your dinner.


If your 1st meal at 12 PM, stop eating (8 hours gap), 2nd meal at 8 PM, start fasting (16 hours). If your 1st meal at 8 AM, stop eating (8 hours gap), 2nd meal at 4 PM, starts fasting (16 hours)

You may now think about, “Oh… so it is just skipping one meal a day, isn’t it?” “Yes!”

Not to forget that it is scheduled. WHY?

This is how you will find out how skipping a meal in a strict schedule will provide you with tons of benefits.

intermittent fasting for weight loss

Cutting a meal per day absolutely will cut calorie intakes, that’s right!

That’s why intermittent fasting has no calorie restriction or requires advanced planning. However, please stick with healthy food instead of hitting a local drive-thru.

“So, what if I am still eating the same amount of calories, how would it reduce my weight?”

Here we go. Ready?

  • When you make an 8-hour gap, this time is used to process the food like burning what it can from what you eat.
  • The body is on good performance or readily-available to digest the food easily.
  • No glucose supply, the energy source is coming from your fat stored. Your body will pull and adapt from any sources of energy that is ready in your body
  • Muscles are created by a sensitivity and production change of insulin. How? Insulin will be more sensitive to our body when the food is consumed efficiently (3).

The weight loss program is coming soon! 

Schedule Options

Well, there is always a way to start. Don’t stress over.

I have picked three schedule options for you as a beginner. I would not suggest you do the 20-hour fast (warrior diet) or the 24-hour fast because this is highly recommended for you who are already experienced and get used to fasting. It will drain a lot of energy and be difficult for you who are about to start out with fasting.

I will recommend starting with the other three popular schedules and highly recommended for complete beginners.

16 8 diet

The 5:5 intermittent fasting

This is the easiest type of schedule intermittent fasting. I would not say this is the real like what I have explained above such as you won’t calculate the calories and prepare your meals. However, this is a good way to start.

What to do? 5 days in a week you don’t need to count any calories but on the other two days, 500 for women and 600 for men should be cut.

Pro: Like what I said earlier if you feel like, I can’t stop eating for a long period, what if I am so hungry? What if I am so tired that I need to work for a quite long? No energy, etc. This is recommended for you to start to just get your body and feeling something about being strict but a bit lenient.

Con: There are not many things I can’t tell except you can’t really see the results and also a bit bother you by calculating the calories where you need to be extra careful and precise in order to limit the number of calories.

 The 12:12 intermittent fasting

What about this schedule?

Am I considering this as one of the intermittent fasting schedules that I have mentioned before? YES!

You are basically fasting, for how long? 12 hours, BANG!

This schedule could be directly started for complete beginners or you also can start with a 5/5 option. You choose!

The pattern allows you to feel less hungry due to fewer hours to be away from food. Get your breakfast at 7 AM, close it with dinner at 7 PM and you are done. Especially for you who are workaholic or with hectic life, skipping your lunch while getting benefits is a good idea, isn’t it?

Pro: You don’t really need to put in so much effort as 12 hours of fasting window can be easily done by sleeping during the night. You can let your body system to work fully at night to clean up your body and store everything you need.

Con: As it is not a really long period of fasting, you may get relatively small benefits with around 2-3 hours to be in fat-burning mode.

 The 16:8 intermittent fasting

This type is one of the most popular intermittent fasting schedules. The schedule is an 8-hour eating window with a 16-hour fasting period. The time to start the first meal is based on personal choice. It is suited for anyone. I would recommend you try the shorter fasting window first then this type of schedule will be easy as pie.

Pro: The most popular style of intermittent fasting is convenient because it is easy to follow and sustainable to improve your health and reduce your weight with minimal effort. Increase weight loss and improve your blood sugar control (4, 5)

Look! I will be fasting for 16 hours and you said that is with minimal effort? Are you serious?

Choose those 16 hours of fasting when you are sleeping. Another thing is you choose either skipping your breakfast by eating your first meal at noon or dinner by eating your breakfast.

Con: Hunger pangs might be experiences and feel that 16 hours are so long. Well, your body is getting into it. You will get over it in one or two weeks. Let your body take some time to adjust it. Keep going guys!

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Tips what to drink during intermittent fasting

In order to get all the benefits of intermittent fasting, you should consider what you can drink and eat. Caloric beverages? NO WAY!

These caloric beverages will interfere with fat burning and cellular cleanup due to stimulating the production of insulin. Non-caloric beverages are the best option, always!

65292 min 1 min


You always need water because your body contains a lot of water.

It is a great choice, you can choose either normal or sparkling. Please make sure that you are way far from an artificially-sweetened water enhancer. RIGHT!


It helps you to increase ketone production in your body, so the fat-burning mode is faster.


If you are confused about what type of tea you can drink, ANYTHING. green, white, black, or herbal is able to promote gun health and probiotic balance in your body. Therefore, your intermittent fasting plan is more successful and effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This drink is definitely recommended because it helps to support your body digestion and healthy blood sugar.

Does it work differently for men and women?

Men do tend to have a higher metabolism than women due to the difference between muscle mass and body size. Women generally display a low resting metabolic rate because of their small quantity of fat-free mass. That is why an increase in body fat is commonly seen in women compared with men.

What about intermittent fasting, does it work differently on men and women?

Good question!

ntermittent fasting times

As men and women are different in such as metabolism, intermittent fasting will work differently for men and women. Women, you know…they have so many things that we need to learn. Skip this. All women, you are gorgeous!

Pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and reproductive hormones such as luteinizing, follicle-stimulating, and gonadotropin-releasing hormones affect calorie restriction aggressively (6). Intermittent fasting might affect blood sugar control in women which is not the case for men (7). In addition, the menstrual cycle might be changed and secretion of reproductive hormones can be disrupted also after starting this fasting.

Recommendation: Women should take fewer fasting days and shorter fasts to reduce any adverse effects.

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Tons of potential benefits are significant by doing intermittent fasting, so do the potential risks for your health journey. Women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, people with diabetes, over 50 years old, low blood pressure, medications, eating disorders, under-weight, and have difficulty regulating sugar are not encouraged to do this. It is always best to consult with your nutrition expert or doctor first.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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