Well, when we talk about fat, all people would comment, it is not easy, it might take some time. Especially, when you are trying to lose fat around your belly and hips as those areas are the center of mass. Additionally, fat also would be found around your arms and in the thighs as these areas are required to have more energy as it is used for holding around the items and propping up your body.

I know we are all doing the best effort to lose fat from our body. This thing defeats the full biological purpose of storing fat. To start with, your body is actually trying to refill energy with the variety of body fat just in case of a future there is a shortage of food or energy.

When you do heavy exercises such as judo or wrestling, we can experience that our center of mass gives us the leverage we’d like to hold heavy weight loads without using a large amount of energy. Your body already naturally knows this, that’s why one amongst primary areas to realize fat once you overeat is your belly.

Although your body is quick to store fat around your stomach, it’s totally difficult to lose it. It is usually one in each of the last spots that it pulls fat from. Thus, if you’d like to lose fat or scale back your overall body, the fat everywhere else needs to burn before it starts pulling energy from the fat stored around your midsection.

How to lose fat effortlessly - Top simple 14 Tips

To lose fat is normally done mostly through diet. Many of us follow a strict diet which becomes more and tougher the longer. Today, I provide you guys 14 quick guidelines that you just can use to start out to lose fat as soon as possible without having to torture yourself during the process.

14 top simple tips to lose fat

1. Limit the number of high sugar.

A previous study showed that the linear relationship between consuming a high sugar and taking higher levels of abdominal fat. This happens because of the fact that sugar spikes insulin and also reduces insulin sensitivity (2). Thus, ice cream and their friends shouldn’t be something that you can reward at the end of the week to lose fat effortlessly. You could instead do your best to stick with fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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2.Skip the inner aisles.

It looks simple but actually helps you a lot. For a person like me who likes to buy things that actually look tempting, I always tell myself to skip the area of the inner aisle even though you are looking for things such as seafood, eggs, meat, or some dairy products.

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The reason is inner aisles are usually filled with processed foods as you know it’s not healthy. The idea to lose fat won’t work as these foods will end up raising your calorie and insulin levels as well as the fat around your belly.

However, if I pass by inner aisles, I am skipping all the cereal chips and cookies which contain high sugar. I intentionally visit this area if I want to buy rice, quinoa, and some nuts.

3. Choose mostly single-ingredient foods.

These are mostly single-ingredient foods where it contains a low-calorie density.

It means these types of foods will only add a low amount of calories to your body to your daily diet. For instance, if we compare one Oreo with the sort of sugar content where its calorie amount is equal with a full cup of broccoli.

On the other hand, in order to digest Oreo needs fewer calories compared to broccoli (3).

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To process broccoli in your digestive system, it requires more energy to be broken down. It means, we should eat types of foods that add fewer calories but use more of them in order to lose fat quicker.

4. Added sugar.

Adding sugar if it’s coming from outside the perimeter of your market, it will somehow act like smoothies and juices. For real, it will help you to store body fat (4).

Remember, if it’s natural sugar.

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That’s DUE after you take a more in-depth look. You should have a look at these foods and beverages that are marketed as healthy drinks. You will see that they are stuffed with a lot of ingredients to assist the preservation of the products and particularly filled with added sugar to form them more palatable. If you want something sort of a natural smoothie, you’re far better off making it fresh on your own by simply throwing in some fruits, vegetables, and water into a blender. Not only is this nutritious but it’ll actually make you drink more water.

5. Drink more water.

Many people assume that drinking more water is the easiest way for to burn fat. They think that by consuming a lot of water, it could help them to lose fat. However, those who still continue to take heavily snacking with high sugar content and thought by taking water, sugar will be taken out easily.

Nope, drinking a lot of water helps your body to speed up your metabolism (5).

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Additionally having plain water is safer rather than taking soda or juice with processed sugar as you can prevent your body from a hundred extra calories. Water is also a component that is playing a role in carrying nutrients and distributing it to your whole body.

6. Increase protein intake.

Taking more protein, instead of giving you a long-lasting energy source, it is also helping you to fill up and decrease hunger (6). In order to lose fat, the protein will cause your body to require more energy to digest compared to carbs and fats.

In that case, your body will burn fatter and it has a good correlation as you try to lose fat.

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Another benefit you could get, it works also as water where it helps to speed up your metabolisms (7). Besides burning up to a hundred calories per day, it is also contributing to building muscles.

however, eating an excessive amount of protein won’t necessarily provide you with extra benefits. It may disturb your body to absorb nutrition as there is not enough fat in your body.

My recommendation is you should consume around 0.8 grams of protein per pound of weight per day and keep your calories in the form of both fats and carbs. You can use a macro calculator to check how many calories you should consume per day.

7. Make healthy food with great taste.

We tend to assume that tasty and delicious foods are always related to unhealthy lifestyles which makes it harder to lose fat. However, I am against this. Tasty or not, well it depends how good or creative you are. Making healthy food with a great taste requires only your skills and your idea of how to combine and blend all the healthy ingredients.

Don’t be too strict on not using olive oil and some seasonings or spices to add extra taste to your meals to make them taste great.

8. Cheat meal occasionally.

Allow yourself to have a cheat meal but occasionally with a note that you need to fill up your stomach first to allow your smooth way to lose fat. For instance, you could have a meal with a high protein content vegetable before having this cheat meal. By doing this, it will help to take the sting off your hunger and prevent lots of calories without fighting with your expectations.

Additionally, if you don’t really have time to make this special meal, you could simply throw some fruits and vegetables with a note: high protein content into a blender.

8. Reduce alcohol consumption.

As the metabolism of fat is in the liver, you should make it ready to break down the fat rather than busy digesting the alcohol you have consumed (8). This is what is going to happen when you drink alcohol. Your body actually will be committed to process alcohol and makes it drastically low to make fat digestion as the top priority.

I would say that your efforts to lose fat will be destroyed by taking certain alcoholic beverages.

For example, beer and wine which will contribute to having excess sugar to your diet. Unflavoured liquors such as vodka rum and tequila are better as long as you can make sure that these two are calorie-free beverages.

9. Go for soluble fiber as it reduces hunger.

Oats, Avocados, and Brussel Sprouts are examples of food you can consume to feel fuller for longer as it takes some time to digest them.

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Don’t be worried about taking oats as you might feel too many carbs. Remember, our goal here is to stay long-last full. This will lead you to successful long term outcomes because it will reduce your daily calorie intake naturally.

10. The right type of exercise.

Move… move and move as you need to burn those all fat by using their energy stored. Particularly, you could also build muscle with the right type of exercise for muscle building training. Also, increasing your metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Not to exclude, support you to get your dream shape while you try to lose fat.

11. Get enough sleep.

Having enough sleep is essential for your muscle’s recovery as they grow when you sleep and rest. By having enough sleep, the hormones will be balanced, thus cortisol will increase while testosterone will decrease (9). This will lead to lose fat and promote gain muscles.

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7 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended to make sure your body has enough rest to maintain your health.

12. Further exercise with high-intensity interval training to lose fat.

Adding up some high-intensity interval training into your routine to boost a little further fat loss. This is recommended for those who have reached the weight loss plateau. Honestly, even though you are weightlifting and commit to it, it would be useless if you don’t adjust your diet.

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14. Set up your diet.

This last tip is the last one that needs your idea in order to make it work. To lose fat effortlessly, you need to design or set your own meal with your preferred ingredients as long as it makes you stay full longer.

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You might try intermittent fasting where you can have big meals without having strict limitation but can stay full a bit longer

If that is a bit too much for you, you could always try to create a tasty meal that contains more fiber or protein to prevent you from feeling hungry within a short time.

The Bottom Line

Great commitment, confidence, and stick with your goals are important to reach the stage where you can lose fat effortlessly.

“Decide. Commit. Succeed.” – Justin Seedman

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