You look younger than your age. Oh, every woman and even men now wish to get this compliment, look ageless. Many people will do their best efforts to look ageless. Collagen is one of the ways to keep people looking young, beautiful, and fresh.

People that are interested in skincare should be familiar with it, what it is for, and how is important in their life.

Collagen provides many essential benefits to the human body. I hope you always stay in your 30’s while you are late 40, no more worried about how to look ageless. It is not impossible to look ageless. Avoiding stress and getting enough sleep might help. Additionally, having the inside out beauty with enough nutrition is incredibly powerful to help you stay beautiful.

What is collagen?

It is the main structural and abundant protein, accounting for one-third of the total protein in the human body (1). It forms strong fibers that hold our body together which makes up 90% organic bone mass, 70% joint cartilage, 75% skin, and 85% tendons. 

Let’s go a bit deeper. You probably already understood enough the relationship between this protein and the skin. However, I will try to make things clear. It seems clear, but let’s make it more clear.

As I have mentioned, it helps you to look ageless. It is in almost every single skin product because it is essential for anti-aging people

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Skin, this protein takes place around 75% of the skin’s dry mass content. It helps to maintain its elasticity by trapping the moisture and it’s fiber supplies the infrastructure for elastin. It replaces dead skin cells, as a result, your skin is brighter. Now you can see the connection between looking ageless and this abundant protein.

Only for skin? NO! Your hair and nails need this too to be shiny and strong.

Not only that…

It strengthens the connectivity between muscles and bones through tendons. It is also making up 70% of cartilage to support some flexibility movement. Finally, this protein represents 90% of organic mass where it allows structural framework and bone flexibility (2).

Now you can slowly see how important this abundant protein is in our body.

The fact that we can’t avoid it naturally is because it will slowly produce starts in your twenties or thirties, around 25% less is produced by the age of 40. It is too early, yes it is! By the age of 25, you start losing around 1% each year. It is scary!

We need collagen, especially beautiful and ageless women, all women are beautiful! It plays a big role in your fine lines and wrinkles. In contrast, by having enough this protein, your skin will stay youthful and vibrant. Everybody wishes to have a long stay smooth, and firm skin, isn’t it? Everyone does!

Then what do I need to do to keep my body to have enough collagen to look ageless?

Your diet, supplements, and treatments. Yup! It is sad when we consume a lot of food that has a really small number or even has no collagen content. I am coming in a bit to explain the collagen-boosting foods and supplements to combat the loss.

5 top Collagen-boosting foods

Bone broth

Eat your cooked protein by eating bone broth. This is how much I can tell you how good this food is to consume. Restoring it to boost your ageless appearance and beat those wrinkles up, definitely helps you to look ageless!


It offers you antioxidants to fight free radicals who damage your collagen. Colorful vegetables such as spinach, kale, beets, tomatoes, or even red peppers.


Small but powerful! Notice that, not only prevent you from chronic disease like cancer, it also helps you to rebuild damaged collagen. Sulfur content in garlic is also essential to produce this protein.


Any berries, you name it! Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blackberries are loaded with antioxidants to support your collagen repairs, way to look ageless.


Please pay attention to the fish which contains omega-3-rich such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. They help you a lot to keep your skin firm and elastic by providing essential amino acids and as an anti-inflammation.

Furthermore, taking supplements will help you to slow down aging and reduce wrinkles, say hi to the new ageless look!

One scoop of collagen will heal your gut, ageless, glowing skin, hair, and nails, heal your gut, stronger joints, and bones also losing weight.

The benefits of collagen supplements.

There is nothing better than “inside out” treatment. You probably have been using it serum for ages, well! It helps until a certain point. It gives you a short term benefit for the epidermis layer but won’t reach the point where it is needed which is the epidermis layer (second layer).

Taking supplements, helping you to increase the production of this abundant protein naturally.

Supplements will build and fortify collage in your dermal layer of skin. Long-term benefits are reached out.

Pills or powder?

It is actually a personal choice. Consuming powder form requires you to add a liquid to dissolve. Besides that, it is not easy to make it odorless and tasteless completely. You might need to combine with another liquid of food. It might be annoying for you who have a sensitive nose and might be a problem for a sensitive stomach. It is always recommended to check with your doctor or expert nutritionist.

A study investigated that collagen can be taken starting from 2.5 g – 10 g per day. Some supplements can be taken up to 30 grams per day. Again, I will always recommend you to check with your healthcare to determine the exact dose you can consume.

Top 6 collagen supplements.

My personal suggestion, it is never too early to take it as supplements, never too late to look ageless as well. You should not wait until you notice that your wrinkles appear or the fine lines start becoming obvious. It is better to avoid rather than reducing. Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Get it per scoop, 11 g per serving. That’s great!

This non-vegan product contains hydrolyzed collagen from bovine hide and gluten-free. The nice thing about this product is it is tasteless and makes you feel more convenient not to worry about what to mix with. It is hydrolyzed, making it easy digestion. Coffee lovers, you could always add them to it and enjoy your morning with a scoop of this product.

Let’s start from here.


Physician’s Choice Collagen Peptides

Optimal your this protein for strength and vitality. It gives you 7 g of hydrolyzed collagen with 50 mg DigeSEB (digestive enzyme complex). It is extracted from bovine and contains a naturally occurring bio-availability agent (DigeSEB) for maximum absorption where it breaks down the collagen peptides quickly.

Mix this product with water, coffee or smoothies, or your own recipes.

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Collagen Hydrolysate

Stir in some wellness with this product. It gives 12 g of collagen hydrolyzed per amount of serving. That is a big number right! Well, this unflavored protein will always cheer up your day.

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Neocell Super Collagen

Get true science of collagen with this product. It gives 6 g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen. It is recommended to consume it with Vitamin C on an empty stomach to optimize the absorption. Don’t be amazed by its results. It is available for both berry lemon and unflavored.

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Vital Protein Original Collagen Peptides

Activate your inner beauty by adding this product to your routine with 20 g of hydrolyzed collagen. Not only that, but 90 mg of Vitamin C is also added for better absorption. That’s amazing!

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Organic Plant Collagen Builder

I have been posting products that are not suitable for vegan. Here we go, this the last and powerful especially for you who love the organic product. Drive your goal to a new level. This product is plant-based and it is certified USDA organic.

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Adding supplements to your daily intake will even greater if you could combine by taking extra nutrients. They will boost the production naturally.

4 Nutrients that help your body to optimize collagen production

It is essential to add these nutrients for better absorption of supplements you have been taking and helps your body to produce more collagen.

Vitamin C

You can get them from citrus fruits, lemon, bell peppers, and also strawberries.


It can be found in wheat germ, cabbage, asparagus, egg white, and mushrooms.


Large amounts can be found in chicken skin and gelatin.


Sources of copper are found in sesame seeds, cashews, lentils, and organ meats.

It comes to my attention that I don’t want you guys who have been putting in a lot of effort by adding the supplements all above but still don’t really see good results. However, we should be always aware of what we should do after taking the supplements. Please take into consideration what are the factors that will cut your wish to look ageless.

However, several factors may take place to even worsen your collagen production. It is really important to take note that…

What causes damages collagen

Let’s think!

You are at the age where collagen has started declining, your diet is poor, no supplements, and exposed to several factors that will decline your collagen to be produced. It is a total nightmare!

In another scenario, you have been starting to improve your diet, consume supplements, and not avoid factors that harm your collagen. Well, this can be improved by taking down the list you should be avoided.

Sugar, it is generally bad for your body when your level of consumption is high. To be more specific, it increases the glycation rate then stimulates to produce advanced glycation end products which cause this protein to become dry, brittle, and weak.

Smoking, it bad for health in general, everybody knows, yes exactly. That tobacco content will harm your collagen and elastin. Nicotine content also disturbs the delivery of nutrition and oxygen to your outer layers of the skin due to narrowing the blood vessels.

Sunlight, you need to expose to sunlight to get vitamin D, but be careful, not too much. It may cause skin cancer, not to exclude your collagen. It breaks down your collagen fiber in the dermis and elastin which leads to forming wrinkles.

Finally, after reading all the above information. You should be always aware of any factors that maybe will interfere with collagen production in your body. Sun damage, stress, smoking, and poor diet will speed up your aging process.

The Bottom Line

I always encourage people to do the check with their doctors and nutrition experts before starting taking any supplements, therefore it will avoid recurrences that might damage your skin.

“I’ll never graduate from collagen.” – Dolly Parton

If you enjoyed this article on how to look ageless with collagen or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!