In this post, I will be talking to you about how to convert into becoming a vegan. I am finding more and more people are getting interested in and attempting to do each year. Being a vegan becomes really popular recently and it has been reached to all overages. Not only for the elderly who is trying to live healthily, but even teenagers at a young age have also started to live their life as a vegan.

Before I am talking more about how to become a healthy vegan, let me make it clear between vegan and vegetarian. Many people mistakenly by thinking are the same things.

Apparently not the same! They are two completely different things a few similarities.

In general, the similarity between these two terms is they choose to not eat meat. However, veganism is stricter than vegetarianism. Vegetarians do not take meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, insects, stocks or fat, and animal protein into their diet. On the other hand, vegans are even more stricter by not taking their daily intake of eggs, dairy products, and honey.

What? It means they don’t eat!  They do eat. The veganism lifestyle is more rigid compared to vegetarianism.

How to Become a Healthy Vegan As a New Lifestyle

Their daily intake typically is vegetables, nuts, fruits, grains, seeds, and pulses.

I know for sure, living as a vegan is way too hard. In contrast, becoming a vegan is one of lifestyle that needs a full commitment, not just follows the new trend. It is always hard at the beginning as we try to create an uncommon habit by avoiding many types of food. As a result, a healthier life will be achieved.

Note: You need to follow all the guidelines as it is really important.

Getting Started as a Vegan

Nothing is easy as we start the new lifestyle that we are not used to. Note that always start to change slowly instead of massive change. Keep the entire process as simple as you can is highly recommended even though the changes are quite slow. Of course, the idea of a single massive change might sound easier and faster, but In reality, this is typically a lot harder and is associated with a substantial increase in the risk of failing to commit with the vegan lifestyle.


You may cut one or two types of foods that should not eat for being a healthy vegan in two weeks then you could continue to cut the other two types. How many types of food and how long should it take for you until you are able to adjust it. It depends on you!

Remember, don’t push it too hard. Slowly but sure with a serious commitment. You will get there. Veganism tends to consume a large amount of bread or pasta with fruits and vegetables. It will be quite difficult for those who are meat lovers. In fact, switching to veganism for some people is not the process that is found to be a disaster. Some people might find it easy when they switch to a new diet. However, it is always different for every people.

I get that you might don’t like to see minor change and we love to see the result right away once we do a transition. However, when to avoid any problem when we are adjusting to a new dietary requirement, it is always best to take some time to ease your move. Small results but consistent will give a high impact.

No meat, no egg, – Means no protein?

Even me, I used to question myself, “No meat, no egg, how will vegans have enough protein supply? Are they healthy enough?”

One reason that how could I have this question is because I don’t have enough knowledge. From a very early age, I believe that most of us were told, eat meat to get enough protein. Therefore, it is already in our mind that, nothing you can eat to get enough protein except meat. We all forget about such things as plant proteins. There are plenty of plant-based sources contain protein.

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For those who have been being a vegan might find this question funny as I am sure they feel enough to be questioned about this. Being healthy vegan is not as simple as we can switch overnight. You need to make sure that you have all enough basic knowledge to start such as what to eat, what you should not eat, and also enough information that makes you stick it by finding out what the benefits you can get.

Bodybuilder, what about this one. Do you think you could build lean muscle by only eating this type of protein? I mean plant proteins, not a ton of meat.

Yes! There are bodybuilders exist who succeed in their journey by consuming only plant protein. Therefore, being healthy vegan will not cause you to suffer from malnutrition. Let’s give a few sources you can gain protein from. Soy protein such as tofu and leafy greens such as spinach and kale are popular among healthy vegans. I don’t forget to mention nuts and grains. These are a few sources that can provide enough protein on a daily basis.

Additionally, few fruits contain high protein such as avocados guavas, blackberries, oranges, kiwifruits, and bananas. Click here to check the protein content of a particular fruit or vegetable. It provides greatly detailed types of vegetables or fruits. Besides, you can also measure the protein content per cup, oz, and 100 grams for fruit. Additionally, for vegetables, you can measure it per cup, bunch, leaf, package, oz, and 100 gram. Great right!

Thus, if you still find those kinds of questions like I have mentioned before. I know you have been concerning your health, you know what you are doing. Switching to a new lifestyle isn’t easy but it isn’t like we think.

The importance of Vitamin B12

Alright, as we know when we switch our normal diet into a healthy vegan diet, it is a huge change. In my opinion, all things in this world come with both positive and negative points. Despite living healthier, there also risks exist. For instance, they may lack vitamin B12 (1).

Some people who exclude meat from their dietary intake may call it “a day” as we grow with it. Thus, when we cut them on a daily basis, there will be some unfortunate differences we may face. As a result, it will also cut the consumption of vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products. The problem is vitamin B12 is normally not present in plant foods (2).

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins that humans should consume. You might feel such as sluggish, depressed, or clumsy, not having enough energy, and also difficult to concentrate on things like a loss in track due to lack of this vitamin (3). Thus, it is highly recommended for vegans to ensure that they have sufficient vitamin B12 by eating foods that are fortified in B12.

Besides, the issues you will experience without having sufficient B12 will lead to a range from heart issues to complications with pregnancies. Therefore, it is really important to note that before starting your healthy vegan lifestyle, you should have enough vitamin B12 (4).

It looks like being healthy vegan will cause you a headache! Not really, as long as you know how to solve it.

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Alright, fortified foods such as nutritional yeast and cereals are fortified with vitamin B12 (5). It is amazing when 290 percent of the daily value of this vitamin is given by taking fortified nutritional yeast with only a quarter cup plus nine grams of protein as a bonus. Several breakfast ready-to-eat-cereals are available in groceries. Tons of fortified cereals you can find it easily. Read the label and some products even per serving provide approximately 100 percent of your daily value of B12.

Furthermore, you could always take vitamin B12 supplements if you could not find any fortified food. Please make sure that at least you take 10mg daily.

The importance of Iron

Why people bother to question whether do vegans get enough protein or not? In fact, most of them don’t really bother whether healthy vegans having enough vitamin B12 and iron.

Well, I have explained the importance of vitamin B12, and now why iron is also important in living a healthy vegan lifestyle.

As iron mostly be found in animal products, and vegans don’t eat them. Thus, it is recommended to consume 1.8 times higher compare to a normal lifestyle where pregnant women are approximately 49 mg per day, menstruating women should consume 32 mg per day. Additionally for men and post-menopausal women is recommended to consume approximately 14 mg per day.

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Several sources of iron from plants are beans, tofu, cashew nuts, lentils, dried apricots, raisins, figs, ground linseed, kale, pumpkin seeds. and chia seeds.

In general, all humans need to have enough iron as this mineral plays a role in blood production and it will lead to experience anemia. People that suffer from anemia will find it hard to absorb this vitamin B12 (6). As a result, vegans will suffer from problems that I have mentioned in the previous section. Consuming iron with vitamin C not only helps you to combat the anemia but it also effectively helps your body to process the B12.

Tips for becoming a healthy vegan

Before deciding to switch your lifestyle, it is important to question whether you will be serious about being a vegan of only following the trend as it will affect your journey until you become complete veganism.

  • Is it something that you want to do? It’s got to be something that is your personal sort of choice and there’s the reason for that.
  • Knowing the protein, vitamin B12, and also iron sources and how to get it. Always make sure that you’re kind of checking how much protein is in your daily intake.
  • Make sure that you always have yummy recipes. This will definitely help you to stick with your plan and enrich your option.

Good luck!

The Bottom Line

The trend of being healthy vegan is being more popular recently. The option is being vegan is promising people to live healthier and at the same requires to cut a lot of types of food that normally we enjoy the most. A massive change is experienced despite healthy living, also being quite picky about the food that is consumed by a normal lifestyle in general. In the end, the choice of being a healthy vegan is a personal choice.

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” – Gary L. Francione

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