In my previous post, I explained several important points on how to become a healthy vegan. This time, I would take the chance to talk more about the benefits of becoming a vegan, such as weight loss. How the vegan diet helps you to reduce your weight? All this stuff.

Talking about vegan, talking about all things about plant-based products. Yep! It is not easy for those who love meat so much. On the other hand, there are plenty of benefits. If we are looking from health perspectives, it helps you to reduce pain from Arthritis which causes inflammation. I will mention rheumatic where I could find generally in old people but nowadays it could be experienced by young folks.

Additionally, a vegan diet could protect you from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and kidney failure. Their daily intake is enriched with certain nutrients that could improve your health. Not to exclude, it helps you to succeed in your weight loss program.

A vegan diet is definitely the right choice to go for healthy weight loss. No creams, less sugar, less calorie, no junk food, and high fiber.

How A Vegan Diet Works for Weight Loss - 8 Tips

If you take bacon and a few eggs, you need to calculate this to be more exact. Anyway, let’s set them to have 500 calories, while you have only two types of foods. On the other hand, 2 apples and grapes, combined with 30 peanuts and a piece of toast are also equal to 500 calories. That’s awesome.

A normal diet could give you less variety of food due to high-calorie content but not for a vegan diet.

Previous studies showed that among people who followed several types of diets such as omnivorous, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, and vegan over 6 months. The result displayed that the vegan diet lost more weight compared to other groups. It is suggested by one study that a vegan diet could boost metabolism that causes calories to be burnt easily, thus weight loss results are more significant.


That’s a brief introduction to how a vegan diet helps you to reduce more weight. I am now coming to the tips you pay attention to in order to successfully achieve your weight loss goal and life healthier.

Tips for weight loss through a vegan diet:


I am quite serious about this as having gastritis is something that is not easy to get rid of. Skipping meals or not following the same pattern of eating can irritate the stomach lining due to gastric juices (1).

Generally, having a timeline boosts your metabolism and for sure will promote healthy eating habits. Do not rush when you are eating, especially when you have just done exercising in order to repair and feed your muscles. Take it slow like finishing them around 45 minutes.

What I always love to do is eat a light breakfast, a big lunch, and small dinner. Furthermore, it is not healthy to have a late dinner. You should have a 2 hours gap between dinner and bedtime. Especially for those who are working on their weight loss program, it will give a huge possibility to gain weight and of course health problems.


It might be a new terminology for some of us. What is the Vegan Food Pyramid to do with weight loss? Newbies go vegan, this will help you a lot to give the idea of what you need to eat. This pyramid is a sort of coach that can give you the right direction.

We might forget to add a sort of key nutrients that actually will balance the diet. Maybe forget to eat legumes or don’t really know what other things that require. Vegan food pyramid.

Do I need to follow the recommendation from this pyramid every day? Not necessarily. 

Technically, it is recommended for you to follow in a 48-hour time period. Therefore, as long as you take 2-4 cups of veggies as a recommendation within 48 hours, then you should be fine.


The most calorie-dense food is oil, and it is calculated by their volume, said Micaela Karlsen, Ph.D., MSPH, the director of Lifestyle Medicine Economic Research Consortium in Ithaca. Furthermore, 2000 calories are contained in only one cup of water.

Olive oil which is plant-based contains 120 g calories per one tablespoon which equals 14 g. Thus, it will definitely be against you for those who are trying to control their calorie number which benefits your weight loss program. Additionally, oil does not contribute to satiety since it has no fiber content.

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Talking about grains, you guys must be afraid of carbs as we need a low-carb diet. That’s true, but vegans are also balancing their diet with high-fiber food which Is low-carb (2). At the same time, a vegan diet avoids meat where Vitamin B12 is found and it is one of the essential nutrients we must consume. Thus, taking whole grain which is fortified is needed.

The important note here is to be careful with types of grains. Whole grains are healthier compared to refined grains because their glucose helps the body to have energy and balance the blood sugar that encourages weight loss (3, 4).


Less food is consumed when you have enough protein.

This is one of the ways to succeed in your weight loss program as protein could fill you up faster. There are plenty of plant-based protein sources you can consume such as oats, nuts, soy food, and lentils.

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Here, I would definitely recommend consuming nuts as it contains important enzymes and increase the availability of protein in your body,

0.41 grams per pound of body weight is recommended. This means around 49 grams of protein each should be consumed by a woman with the weight 120 pounds and this goes the same for a man.


What do you think of processed products?

I would especially highlight two products that are popular for vegans such as juice and healthy drinks. Yes, many of us love to take ready-food/drink as less time-consuming. I agree, but be aware of these products. This is one source of sugar that you have to avoid.

It is juice, and it is healthy! Maybe I am so skeptical about anything that is processed, it is not really natural.

I would rather spend my time making my own juice from fresh fruits so then I am sure what I take. I could make sure the calorie content of the natural fruits that I am consuming without any “hidden” calories. It goes the same with healthy drinks where it could be mixed with any amount of calories that I don’t want to.

I’ll stick with plain water.


Honestly, everybody knows that being vegans are for sure taking green food on a daily basis.

Green and plant-based where they contain high fiber, also low-carb, antioxidants, vitamins, you can name all the nutrients that are provided by them. Not only that, but it will also make you last-full, therefore, weight loss will run smoothly by consuming this.

The important note here is a plant-based dessert that can interfere with your calorie restriction.

Additionally, starchy veggies that should be consumed in moderation as it contains more carbs and calories. These two are somehow required to exclude in your diet for the sake of weight loss.

As we all know, limiting sugar consumption prevents metabolism disruption, health issues, and gaining weight. The recommendation of cutting the sugar daily intake is around 100 calories for women and 150 calories for men each day.


Move, move, and move.

This is my favorite word to live your life healthily. Without moving, no exercising, your body tends to experience plenty of negative things. Burn your fat and calories to lose weight by exercising. I normally engage with moderate aerobic activity for at least 2 ½ hours or 1 ¼ hour with vigorous aerobic activity weekly.

Getting moving not only helps you to lose weight but also makes you feel fresh. Additionally, I also recommend you try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This intense anaerobic exercise works by alternating short periods is a form of cardiovascular interval training with less-intense recovery periods.

Jorge Cruise, the author of Tiny and Full and also a trainer, recommends doing HIIT three times a week, effectively with jogging or hiking. Additionally, to boost your overall health should be combined with drinking water of at least 64 ounces.


All of us measure weight with scales, but does scale necessarily tell you to lose weight when the number is lower?

Look! By the time you commit to switching your lifestyle being a vegan and also exercising, you might see that you lost inches but the scale tells you that you gain weight. You need to be smarter than the scale. Your body should build muscles while losing fats. You should know that your muscles are denser than your fats. Thus, you will reach the point that you lose some inches but scales tell you to remain the same.

The Bottom Line

The vegan lifestyle which is also linked with plant-based foods is known to be healthier due to giving more nutrients. Many people for real claim that they lose lots of pounds by being vegan.

Additionally, following the right guidelines and having a chat with your doctor or nutrition expert to balance your diet. As always, talking about weight loss, I will never separate this goal from exercising as this is one of the important points to stay healthy.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. “ – Michael Pollan.

If you enjoyed this article on How a vegan diet works for weight loss – 7 tips, or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!