Let’s start with the basics with the information about turmeric. It is a closed herbal relative of ginger which is native to India, Asia, and Central America. This herb has been used as a spice and medicinal herb for thousands of years. Turmeric contains active constituents that are known as Creek humanoids, the most important of which is curcumin which is responsible for its fiery yellow.

Sprinkling your food with turmeric.

Despite giving a nice color for your curry or stew, the delicious taste and smell are also improved by adding a pinch of turmeric.

Apparently, not only for making food delicious but turmeric also has potential health benefits curcumin may help reduce inflammation and can be useful for treating pain or skin irritation. Studies also show that curcumin may support joint health, lower your risk for heart disease, improve memory, and aid in weight control (1). Current research is being done on turmeric potential benefits for certain forms of cancer and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Hidden Power of Turmeric You Should Know - 7 Supplements

Also, several forms of turmeric have been made to improve absorption. Turmeric supplements are also available in a variety of forms including pills capsules, gummies tonics, and powders.

The benefits of curcumin are difficult to obtain by consuming only turmeric because it is very poorly absorbed and rapidly broken down by the body. Thus, it must be combined with other ingredients to be effective.

Turmeric and black pepper combination

These two ingredients are a great combination as they have active ingredients that are playing a role to give powerful health benefits. Curcumin with its polyphenol has strong antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties (2).

As I have mentioned earlier, these properties can be functioned if it is absorbed well in our body. In order to increase the absorption, black pepper with its bioactive compound piperine is able to increase the absorption of certain compounds to improve the digestive process, not to exclude curcumin (3).

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The ability of pipeline to absorb and increase the bioavailability is not a joke, 2000% (4). Thus, I can tell you will get all those benefits of turmeric for sure.

How pipeline works to increase the absorption of turmeric takes two steps. This bioactive compound of pepper will let the intestinal wall to relax, thus the larger molecules like curcumin will be able to pass through and be absorbed.

As curcumin is also rapidly broken down by the body during the digestive process, pipeline is working to slow down this metabolism process, thus your body will absorb it effectively and as a result, it allows it to reach the optimum level to well-function (5).

This combination also helps to fight the inflammation and reduce pain. The good thing about this is in fact, studies have shown when curcumin is combined with pepper with the purpose of being some anti-inflammatory drugs, it results with no side effects.

The properties of turmeric.

Antiviral properties of curcumin are able to fight several viruses such as dengue virus, enveloped, and hepatitis C viruses (6). It is also able to inhibit the influenza virus and some emerging arboviruses. Curcumin helps to inhibit viral replication and also reduce the symptoms caused by the virus.

Additionally, anti-inflammatory properties by curcumin that contain turmeric are also used to treat temporary discomfort (7). The benefit is also extended to able to treat and prevent both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis (8).

Additionally, the properties of turmeric specifically as anti-arthritic can be experienced effectively by combining with black pepper (9). Why? Piperine compounds in black pepper also play a role as anti-arthritic as well.

Thus, double effective to prevent arthritis.

If we look at the history of Indian medicine over a thousand years ago, turmeric has become one of the herbs that they relied on. Indian medicine has been used turmeric for helping with digestive issues. Besides, modern medicine also actually supports this finding that it can help with reducing intestinal spasms and flatulence.

A combination of turmeric and piperine also has been widely used to improve digestive enzymes activities in the gut (10). Their function helps to fasten and ease the food processing in your body.

The gut inflammation that relates to digestion also can be prevented with anti-inflammatory properties. I am not forgetting to talk about the dosage. However, as this combination is naturally made, it is generally considered safe. Only certain people might experience its side effects such as headaches, skin rashes, or nausea. I always recommend you all to check with your doctor or nutrition expert for their advice as we all have different metabolism rates.

Turmeric Absorption.

In this part, I would like to give two top tips about the strategy of how to enhance turmeric absorption in your body, thus makes It more effective to work. These two are scientifically proven ways, so let’s get into it.

1.Adding black pepper

As I have mentioned before, black pepper makes it easy to absorb and slow down the breaking down of the bioactive compounds in your body.

For instance, if you are having a turmeric tea latte, you won’t add much black pepper as we can’t have a spicy kick drink. Anyone can’t take it. That’s a bit too much. I read it somewhere that you need to add like a quarter teaspoon of black pepper into your turmeric tea. No!

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I would suggest you add a pinch of it only.

Another example is your veggies. A pinch of black peppers is always nice to add to give extra taste.

2.Adding fat

Turmeric is actually responsible for being fat-soluble in order to contribute to health benefits (11). Thus, if you are having a shot of turmeric with no fat in it, it is almost impossible for your body to absorb it.

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Some sort of turmeric shots that people sell at juice bars is usually only turmeric and water. Unluckily, your body won’t absorb it. You could add coconut milk or some nuts like cashews. Savory some sort of things, you could add a bit of cooking oil.

Double effect?

You could combine these two, black pepper and fat to make it work effectively inside your body. The maximum benefits could be reached and experiencing the real boost in absorption.

Turmeric to fight inflammation in the COVID-19

How does turmeric help in this confusing pandemic situation?

It protects your blood vessels by preventing the endothelium, it’s the line inside of the blood vessels and heart (12). They are important to control the works of the heart. Also, it helps to detox your body, thus will keep you looking younger and makes you healthier as you are not accumulating toxins.

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center suggests consuming about one tablespoon of turmeric daily where it contains around a thousand milligram of curcumin could help to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

In the turmeric properties section, I already mentioned that this herb with its antiviral properties is able to inhibit virus replication. Thus, it makes your body to become more strong and increases your immune system to fight any virus inside your body.

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I am now confident that you are now considering to consume this herb, but not really sure how to ensure that it will work for you effectively. Therefore, I am providing several turmeric products that you could easily find online.

7 Best Turmeric Supplements

1. Bio Schwartz.

I have done research on reviews about this product and could tell that they really do focus on quality ingredients. So I do kind of like this turmeric as it is going to help us with any joint support and also any pain relief.

It works to treat Alzheimer’s disease and all the way up to cardiovascular disease. The most notable research is able to control any inflammation and also helping with pain relief.

Researcher Eric Kirkman has proven that this product is working to relieve the pain. Also, it contains black pepper for better absorption inside our bodies.

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2. Active Atoms.

It is called Tumor Turmeric Noise because it contains a high percentage of turmeric extract. The entire capsule is filled with turmeric extract, it has 750 milligrams.

A purified form of black pepper extract is also added to improve the absorption of turmeric, so that way your body can use it. If you are looking to control inflammation to promote a healthy inflammatory response in your body, this can help you with injuries, managing pain, and also with other issues that are linked to having high levels of inflammation in the body.

Thus, I’d encourage you to try this product.

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3. Doctors Best.

This product has high absorption curcumin, where it is the active constituent in turmeric. This compound has been shown to support joint brain heart and circulatory health.

As we know, Doctor’s Bests motto is science-based nutrition, so whenever possible they use a clinically studied ingredient; that’s why in this product they use C3 curcumin. It is called C3 because it’s got three parts to it. It is not just curcumin, the other two compounds help to stabilize the curcumin and make it more absorbable.

Even more, this product has been mixed with a black pepper extract that’s also been studied to help improve absorbability. A clinical study in 1997 showed that curcumin absorption increased by 2,000 percent.

It is recommended to take this one tablet daily with food. I take turmeric every morning with my post-workout shake. So, give this product a try it’s super potent and super absorbable

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4. Vida Essentials.

This product contains 1,400 milligrams of turmeric curcumin and it’s made with Bioperine. It is all-natural made, so they are vegan capsules. Take these two veggie capsules a day and also you can take it with a meal.

All-natural made what I mean is there are no additives, no filaments, no artificial ingredients.

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5. Vimerson Health.

This product from Vimerson Health with Bioperine for men and women. This supplement helps to relieve joint and back pain that can keep you from enjoying your favorite daily activities.

It also helps you in reducing inflammation and skin dryness. Also, provides a boost in multiple ways including memory, brain function, immune systems and helps regulate your blood pressure blood circulation and

Take two capsules with food and enjoy their benefits.

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6. Finevine.

This product definitely should be in your daily life as it is combined with fine binds turmeric curcumin, ginger, and bio premium black pepper. This supplement helps you to get back in the game by reducing inflammation and relieving joint pain. Also, it helps you to regulate your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.

This ultimate daily boost fine vine turmeric curcumin is a key ingredient in revitalizing your health and helps you to stay focused throughout the day

Take two every night after dinner to also support healthy eyes, skin, and hair with their antioxidants properties to prevent aging.

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7. Nature’s Branch.

This product is combined between turmeric with 1500 mg, ginger extract, turmeric 95% curcuminoids and Bioperine with a total amount per serving is 1950 milligrams. The 95% curcuminoids are giving extra strength that will help you with joints muscles, flexibility, mobility, and bone health.

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The Bottom Line

Turmeric has been used over a thousand years ago as spices and traditional medicine have been recently widely used to improve our health. Their properties give lots of benefits that meet our body needs. As usual, whenever it comes to supplements, even though I have been recommended how many capsules you should take, it is always safe to consult with your doctor or your expert nutrition first to enhance their performance in your body as it might work differently for each of us.

“Her voice is sweeter than chocolate and her words have effects like turmeric.”- Princi Mogha Rajput.

If you enjoyed this article on hidden power of turmeric you should know and 7 supplements or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!