If you are reading this post now, I assume that you will dedicate your valuable time to a sweat sesh that will worth your time. The reasons might be different, either to stay healthy or reaching out to your weight loss goal. Start your weight loss workout and get the ideas from the free sites I will provide in a while.

A workout is not the first thing to think when you plan to reduce weight.

The importance of doing a workout

The workout actually to get your dream shape. In contrast, in combination with your healthy diet, you will be seeing the real result. Some people sometimes are tempted to cheat on their diet plan by eating more calories. Here is when your workout will also take place.

You eat more than you should do, more calories? BURN THEM!

I was at the place where it took sometimes for me to stick with my workout routine. My goal was not to reduce the weight but to rev my heart rate and get into good shape. Even then, I still need to maintain my weight and make a full commitment to stick with it, it was a bit hard at the beginning.

I was quite busy and had no time to step into the gym. Hence, I decided to do a workout at home. I feel you… especially for those who work for hours and hours. However, we shouldn’t take this as an excuse as it is essential to keep up yourself for having a healthy daily routine.

One thing I notice, I have a better sleep when I do a workout. It was hard at the beginning as I was not used to it, however, it becomes one of my favorite daily routines now. I started with 10 mins, then the week after added another 10 mins and currently, I could do at least 40 mins a workout every day. I take one day off in a week.

Any type of workouts recommendations? NO! There are no specific workouts I would suggest. The most important thing is to move and move.

Besides that, I would like you to change the types and maybe rotate them. Your body would be trained and give a lower impact if you keep doing the same type of workout. It is based on my experience.

I would love to provide you some basic things to get a higher impact by doing exercises.

Basic things before getting started the workout for weight loss

1. Food and drinks

Your body is your choice. I have covered this at glance above. Your habits to choose which food or drinks you should consume is really important. The results will be seen significantly and also long-lasting if you support healthy habits.

2. Push and focus on your workouts.

One or two days off in a week is acceptable. To obtain the results, hitting your mat for even 30 mins won’t give the good result while you catch up with watching your favorite series. It makes you not push your strength to the points you should do and not use your core as good as you should. As a result, your body will not respond to what it should.

3. Keep it as your daily routine

Not to exclude your commitments. It is also difficult to see the results if you do them on and off. It is totally okay to take one or two days rest but not for a week or more. Hence, I wouldn’t suggest starting from one hour instead of 10 mins until you make it one of your daily routines.

4. Choose the types that you enjoy the most

It is really important to make you stick with it. Choosing the type of workouts that makes you enjoy and happy is important to reduce weight. Get your wish shape, get your weight lost.

Best 8 Free and Powerful At-Home Workout Sites With Videos

Let’s get started. I have collected free sites that provide you with type workouts with videos that you could do at home with or without equipment. It also contains a program within specific days for a specific area of the body you want to focus on or full body. Not only that, it even varies from different skill levels.

The choice is yours!

Download the FREE workout planner below to help you to break down a proper plan and achieve your goal.

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At Home Free workout sites

1. Chloe Ting Workout Program

Her site provides you a free workout program, so you can access all the plans she has suggested. It also provides many types of challenges that start from 2 – 8 weeks depending on the area you want to hit. Initially, I thought that the exercises she provides are quite simple and less effective. However, after following it for several days, it gives me a legit result.

The plan and challenges have several programs where you can work on your shred abs, butt, thigh, and arms. Also, she combines with full-body exercise and sometimes two or more videos to do it for one day. You could always modify the option and plans that are provided.

chloe ting 1 min 1

You only need a fitness mat to make you feel comfortable and resistance bands to give a high impact on your booty challenge.

Will it give me a result? It always depends on the dedication of each of you. Your kitchen and your commitment.

2. Muscle and Fitness

What about 1000 free videos, will you have an idea what type of workout you want to do today? Don’t get confused, the choice is always yours. This great site has a filter for you to choose the skill level, types, body part complete with, and without equipment.

I am happy when seeing that there are 35 body part types of workout you can choose with 45 types of equipment. Ankle attachment, elastic band, power rack, even chair, and many more. That is insane!

You could always get started with the beginner skill level and slowly move to the advanced level. Just select from the filter that is provided and get your dream weight or shape.

muscles and fitness 1 min 1

3. Ftnessblender

This site contains various workouts with a total of almost 600 free videos. For those who are looking for specific calories to burn. You should look over and choose the type of workout you would like to do and filter it.

There are more advantages. It gives you many types of training starting from HIIT, low impact, strength training even warm-up or cool down, and many more.

Capture 1 min 1

What about equipment? Around 422 videos require you no equipment, however, if you would like to do it with a dumbbell or medicine ball, the videos are also available. Besides, you could also choose your body focus and based on gender. Hence, I have nothing else to say except you better check it out.

4. Hasfit

This site provides you a bunch of workout videos with filter tools to let you to choose based on your ability. The great thing that I found on this site is the skill level. It is not only a beginner to advanced level, but it also provides limited mobility and seating!

People shouldn’t find any other excuses if you find the workout is too difficult to do, find the beginner level ones.

You are only required to have dumbbells or kettlebells or resistance bands to follow their workout, body weight is another equipment you all need which means you only need your body. Anyway, you are always free to adjust it as long you stick with it.

There are 9 workout types and 13 muscle groups. What else should you wait for?

hasfit 1 min 1


Workout from home with this great site where their coaches will directly guide you clearly and have an extra person to show you how to do it. Therefore, you could avoid a mistake that might be done to improve the impact on your body.

orange theory 1 min 1

There are around 50 free videos available. It starts from endurance, interval training, lower body, upper body, core, strength, and power even total body. You might get the feeling that “They are mostly within 50 mins duration.”

The great thing is it’s quite long because the coach it is explaining is clear and they combined with a quite heavy number type of exercises. You could always adjust the duration time as far as you can.

6. Sweatybetty

When you feel you want to try something new except working out. Why not try yoga or even dance? Confuse where to start and what to do?

Here we go. This site guides you to not only working out but also yoga and dance. A combination of different types of the exercises makes your body have a great response and high impact.

Burn more calories, burn more fat, tone your body more.

Let’s make a plan to be more sweaty by combining or at least one of the exercises from their library.

Why not try to dance today and yoga tomorrow?

sweatybetty 1 min 1


If you think you are too young or old to do a workout. You are all wrong.

This site allows all age levels to start their healthy movement into their daily routine. I highlight that it gives kid’s activities, active older adults, and even Tai Chi.

What about other types? There are many. The equipment you need depends on what type of workout you are going to do. Yoga, bootcamp, barre, dance fitness, pilates, Y box, weightlifting, youth sports, and even cycle. Obviously you need a bicycle to cycle, right?

ymca 1 min 1

8. NHS

Another free site provides different types of workout out you can do at home. What about aerobic? Strength and resistance complete with pilates and yoga. This site provides only beginner and intermediate levels. So, their workout shouldn’t be difficult if you think it is hard to do.

nhs 1 min 1

You should have a great idea about how to start your healthy daily routine by now. Remember, those videos are only giving you an idea what you should do to start your daily workout. Do your homework and make a plan before getting started to ensure whether it will work for you or not, therefore, you wouldn’t mess them up.

Get multiples workout planner for FREE to increase the chance of accomplishing your goals. Let’s start to add a workout into your daily routine now.

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It is really important because you need to make sure that it will lead you to achieve your weight loss goal or better health.

“When you get a good workout in, you feel good for the rest of the day. It helps clear the mind.” – Reggie Miller.

If you enjoyed this article Best 8 Free and powerful at-home workout sites with videos or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!



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