About Us

Who runs Vinegarlic?

Hi there! My name is Harith, and I am the person behind the scene of Vinegarlic — with the help of my wife who always supports me on anything I am doing.

My journey to living healthy has been starting since I was a kid.

I am a fan of herbal drinks since my mom always advise me to at least drink yogurt or honey until she even made her recipes which I would like also to share it here. Back in teenager time, I have started to work in several places during the school break to fill-up my pocket. For instance, working in the construction where I started to work from 7 AM to 7 PM. I always made sure to eat healthy food and adding with healthy drinks.

Couple of years later, when I started to live abroad to continue my study in the engineering field, I started to lose some weight due to busy with assignments, not having enough sleep, and also far from home. I started to realize that I need to start to get back into my healthy routine. However, that time was different because of no mom with me — homesick ?

I slowly started to hypnotised my self to search how to live healthy, way more advanced than back in teenager life. I joined some of the courses where I can learn how to prepare the meals with a balanced-nutrients. Also, reading health books and started my diets. I always tell to my self that it needs to start from inside then outside. At the same time, I also have started to hit the gym and learning to do build my muscles.

I LOVE to cook, and as a student in college, I prepared some meals for my clients following their diets. Here is the thing, I met my wife because her specialisation in food science and processing led us to have a good connection. Specially she likes to eat and she always enjoy my food and at the same time she also could manage her shape.

Why start Vinegarlic?

Here is the time when we started to think to start our blog. We both have been passionate about health, fitness, and wellness. Therefore, why not start a blog where we can share our knowledge? We both came from the thought that nothing is impossible and healthy inside out is one of them.

We are here to encourage all of you to live healthily.

Most of the time my wife helps or shares her idea with me, and I put them in my posts. Why do we choose Vinegarlic? It was also coming from her. She really loves garlic sauce and apple cider vinegar. There we go, she combines them and came out with the word of Vinegarlic.

We just started our blogs and wish you all love it. We both are still working on this and will try our best to always give the best. We believe in quality over quantity.

Lastly, If anything you would love to comments on our blogs. Please do so, as we are welcoming for any comments, because that is what we can grow from.