I know you’re trying to get in shape! Getting a flat stomach is not as easy a thing to get. You and I definitely need extra effort to make our dreams come true. A flat stomach and abs are something not impossible to have. Discipline and know enough what you have to do are the keywords.

Commitment to have eating and healthy living is required here and it is mandatory. Thus, you can get rid of the big belly and fat that you don’t want around your stomach. Note, the fat around this area, especially the lower belly is the most difficult thing to get rid of.

7 Powerful and Healthy Drinks to Get a Flat Stomach

I know we are all busy and I also hear that your schedules and activities are hectic to hit the gym. One of the things we can focus on in the beginning is fixing what you should take in order to reduce belly fat. Don’t worry about it, there are plenty of things you can do to lose weight without getting those hours of cardio each day.

So here I am providing amazingly effective flat stomach drinks you can make right at home.

Get a flat stomach with these seven healthy drinks.

1. Green tea.

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Having green tea taken into your body is something healthy. Green tea has tons of benefits. This one ingredient is giving you benefits inside your body. Since we are now talking about how to get a flat stomach, green tea is one of the ways that can support you to have it.

Yes, except this, green tea is also used to lose weight and also help you to feel relaxed from your busy life.

I like it to have it in the morning before having breakfast. It helps me to give such energy to start my day. Also, I like it during the evening when having my break during when I am working, it helps me to feel more fresh to get back to work.

Green tea is so popular among tea lovers and I believe you all know what health potential is green tea offering. Green tea is also one of the most popular drinks for people that are looking for living healthily and also on the market. It is also known and linked to lower your cholesterol and helps you to be safe for having chronic diseases such as cancer and heart (1).

So, now I am coming to the explanation of how green tea can help you to get a flat stomach or help you with a weight loss program. Green tea contains around 24 and 40 milligrams of caffeine per a regular cup of tea. Caffeine content is contributing to fat burning which will break down your body out of its tissue and also freeze the fatty acids (2).

Thus, it allows the acids to work their magic and burn for energy. This process is known as lipolysis and it will eventually speed up your metabolism and allow you to cut the fat faster (3). I know that a lot of people are working hard to avoid consuming caffeine. However, caffeine is also giving benefits to your body as long as you are not addicted to it.

2. Watermelon smoothies.

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Having green tea will improve your health, but it would be better if you don’t stop at this point as you can also add other drinks to achieve your goal unless you are satisfied with only one drink.

Taking watermelon smoothies, on the other hand, well… it will give you a different story. Who knows that such a tasty drink can flatten your stomach so easily due to its water concentration. This fruit is a natural hydrator.

Watermelon with its arginine is helping you to get a flat stomach as it works to decrease body fat (4). Another good thing you should know is, this fruit only contains 56 calories. Awesome!

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Thus, grab watermelon to add to your routine. I bet you shouldn’t be afraid to have it even with 300 grams in your blender. I normally blend it with 150 milliliters of coconut milk, or if you want it to be fresher, you can add a few ice cubes.

Feel fresh, tasty, and healthy!

3. Apple Cider Vinegar.

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You are probably thinking this drink sounds both painful and boring as uncomfortable. Some people find this drink a bit difficult to consume as the taste is sour. However, this vinegary apple cider carries many health benefits. Approximately, 6% of this drink is composed of acidic acid which helps eat away unwanted bacteria and fungus (5). It also works to lower your blood sugar levels and increase metabolism.

I am a fan of sour food and drinks. It gives such a taste on my tongue. As for you who is not really a fan of this kind of taste, maybe you could try it for a little and make it a habit by having bit by bit. Take it slow.

For those who are having gastritis should check with your doctor, as it could give add up acid in your stomach and might be a problem.

Having this drink will help you to burn body fat. A previous study was conducted on mice. The research was investigated through mice where they were fed with a high-fat diet and it was mixed with acidic acid. What researchers discovered over time was that mice were building up less body fat with the acids to work with. A later study done on humans showed that those who consumed fatty foods with vinegar had a 55% lower blood sugar rate than those who didn’t.

We know that vinegar tastes not really nice, for some people. Some people find the smell awful but after hearing about all these potential fat loss benefits, I admit that you should give it a try.

4. Grape Juice.

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Delicious grape juice is also having the capability to help you to burn body fat (6). Flat stomach and weight loss are waiting for you. The good thing also about this fruit is it has around 60 calories per cup. That amount is just low and I recommend you to have them before going to bed. Those calories are going to cause insulin secretion at night.

Another great benefit you will also get by consuming this fruit is its antioxidants (7). With the help of antioxidants properties, the benefit of this fruit will be experienced at the maximum point. Black grapes that contain more antioxidants are also known as a reservation which stimulates the development of good fats and will slowly eat away the bad fats.

Yes, many people think that fats are bad. You should clear up this thing. Not all fats are bad. Good fats even help you to lose weight. Bad fats are the ones you should avoid as it will raise your bad cholesterol. What about good fats? Not only helping you to lose weight, but it also helps you to boost the absorption of vitamins you consume.


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Honestly, I have never heard about this drink before. However, people that are obsessed with healthy living should have heard this before. This drink is originally from Eastern Europe. This healthy drink is fermented milk, it is like yogurt which contains live probiotics, and also it is loaded with nutrients (8).

Health potential of kefir if you drink it on a regular basis will help you to kill unwanted bacteria in your guy and also boost your body to absorb minerals. This drink is definitely enriched with protein. Those who are intolerant with lactose shouldn’t have worried about this drink as it is safe for you to consume.

This drink also helps you to feel full for an extended amount of time (9). The only trick to this diet is to make sure that you have the drink in moderation heavy kefir consumption. Remember, anything too much is not healthy as it will lead your body to actual weight gain.

Then what is the actual purpose of having this drink? It cleans up your belly and their live probiotics are contributing to your health. It will also help to balance your stomach’s concentration of both good and bad bacteria.

6. Pineapple.

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Well, who doesn’t like pineapple? These fruits are well-known to be delicious and make you feel fresh. It is not only consumed as juice but also used in the curry or topping on pizza to give extra delicious food.

Pineapple is the fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C (10). With the enzyme bromelain content is helping your body to break down proteins easily and it is also contributing to your digestion system where it decreases bloating inside your stomach.

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Please take a note here, especially those who are worrying or feeling insecure about consuming certain foods because of bloating in your stomach, eating pineapple will prevent this problem (11). Also, another thing to take note is, this fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and it is also working to lower your cholesterol levels.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix your pineapple with bits of pear for a pineapple pear frappe. It is not only delicious, but you’ll also be benefiting from pear as it has a high concentration of vitamin C fiber and potassium where it will give you that flat stomach you have hoped for.

7. Chocolate Shakes.

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I am closing it with one of our favorites drinks. Not only is it a joy as it is so delicious, but this drink also decreases your fat in the stomach thus, but you can also obtain a flat stomach.

Have my fantasies been real all along!

Slow down right there, we’re not talking just any chocolate shake, you need to have dark chocolate. You could just imagine, it is like lots of protein in kefir, consuming dark chocolate will cause you to feel full. This dark chocolate milkshake will hold your appetite for a while as the average calorie content are around 400.

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The Bottom Line

Obtaining a flat stomach is not something that you can get in just overnight. The 7 drinks that I provide act as a supporter to ease your dreams come true. What I mean is, besides having those 7 drinks, you also need to manage your diets such as eating healthy food, throw out all your junk, and processed food and drinks. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is move. Exercising is another great effort to accompany your journey to get a flat stomach.

“I am well aware of the health dangers of an expanding waistline and belly fat; diabetes, heart disease, stroke, even cancer.” – Denise Austin

If you enjoyed this article on 7 powerful and healthy drinks to get a flat stomach or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!