In this post, I would like to encourage all of you to stay motivated weight loss journey, how to stick with what you have been doing so far. Additionally, how can we dedicate to exercising, healthy eating, and losing weight?

Why is it so difficult to stay motivated? What does science say about motivation?

6 Tips - How to Stay Motivated in Weight Loss Journey

Fasten your seat belts because I am going to answer these questions and uncover the real solutions to how to stay motivated to lose weight backed by science support.

So, before even getting into the tips to stay motivated in weight loss, I would like to differentiate between how I perceive motivation and habits and how to convert your bad habit into a good habit especially when it’s come to weight loss diet and fired up for your goals and your future and ready to fight for it

1. Make a list of reasons to stay motivated weight loss

To make a list of reasons why you are doing? What are you doing so? Why do you want to lose weight? Or even why you want to get healthier? All these questions need to be answered and figured out before you start your weight loss journey.

Why do I want to get healthier  min

So, I would highly recommend you to write a list of all the reasons anywhere that are easy to access later on. 

Let’s put it into concrete terms where you can see that every day. So, when you see that you will know why you want to start a weight loss program. This is going to give you a reference point that when you look back on, you will remind yourself of why I wanted to lose weight. Thus, if you never feel to stay motivated… you go to this list and reread it and be like…

Oh yeah, that’s why I’m doing this!! 

Let’s talk about how to make a good list for your weight loss journey. You need to write basic information. All the necessary things that could be related to weight loss tips.

Alright, let me give three basic things for you to list down: Eat fewer calories, moves more, and staying consistent. Let me explain a bit about these three things that are extremely important to your weight loss journey and stay motivated.

2.Eat fewer calories as weight loss tips

Let’s think about your nutrition and being in a calorie deficit. Now you can create a calorie deficit through physical activity being increased but mainly you want to decrease the number of calories you’re consuming.

Put yourself in we call a calorie deficit. One study found that weight loss was gained by subjects with a deficit diet of 600 kcal compared with 1200 kcal diet.

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Additionally, if you want any more information about that and then head over this video. This video will give you a lot more detail and hopefully, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how nutrition works.

3. Moves more

When you do any form of movement, you don’t have to do any specific exercises. Maybe you have heard that through certain types of training, they will be more beneficial or less beneficial than other types.

However, ultimately if you’re creating a calorie deficit through your nutrition, your exercise portion just can be anything you want. t’s about getting stronger healthier and happier moving your body. You may check the fundamental of exercise here.

4. Staying consistent

How you can stay motivated but consistency is going to be key.

You’re not going to see changes from day to day. You might see increases in your weight on the scales which we’ll talk about later think consistency think long term and focus on your ultimate goal your overarching goal rather than making little goals and constantly.

Once you understand these three things and how they all interplay together, it makes it a lot easier to trust the process and trust that you know your body is going to react in a certain way even if you’re not seeing it day to day or week to week.

Therefore, if you start eating a certain nutrition plan and a certain exercise program and one week later you feel the same or you’ve put on weight on the scales, these things aren’t very reliable markers to say whether it’s working or not. What you need to do is understand that what you’re doing is the right thing.

You can continue eating that calorie deficit, continue to move your body more, and be consistent with it turn up every single day. Keep doing it and make it into a like a lifestyle that you enjoy and stop focusing on the short term and trust me it will happen in the long term. At the same time, you will also be running the best way to lose weight.


Thus, if you understand the basics and hopefully, that will keep you more consistent. It also helps to motivate you because you’re not focusing on little things that are changing day to day which I’m going to it’s inevitable.

On the other hand, you’re focusing on what you’re going to achieve in your life, what, and where you’re going to get to that end goal and when you’re going to achieve it.

5.Be realistic

When we have this in our mine such as, start training five days a week and planning to reduce calories by quite a big amount. In fact, after several days, you start craving all the foods that you love and that will be super hard to avoid to succeed in your weight loss journey.

I feel like that you will set yourself up for failure and I think making small changes is has more potential for long term consistency. Moving a little bit more which takes a few weeks is more realistic and easier to do rather than jumping into a super hard condition that you are not used to be.

You need to give your body time to get to where you want to be and like I say this should be seen as a lifestyle and not just a short-term crash diet. You could do some exercises and then that will fix everything then go back to living how you live before.

If you want to make changes that are going to be maintainable and sustainable for the rest of your life, this should be something enjoyable and good for you, not something that you’re dreading and that’s will be a temporary measure for you so be realistic with your timeframes.

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So be realistic with your timeframes, set yourself a long-term goal, and don’t stress too much about reaching short-term goals. It is good to have little goals along the way but ultimately you need to be looking much longer terminus and that will keep you motivated rather than again just thinking in the short term.

Thus, it will be a hard slog just for like a week or two or even three weeks and trying to rush the weight loss process because it’s going to set yourself up for a bad mindset and ultimately suck your motivation.

6.Track your progress

It is really important about tracking your progress. It is like how you track your heart rates, how many steps you have for today. You could also track the type of exercises you can do and check your weight loss. Check the best free at-home workout sites here.

I also provide several types of workout planner on the other post so you could track it properly.

This one below is one of the examples.

Picture1 min

You could see the changes clearly and the reason for this is because you will see the progress. By looking at this, we aim that you stay motivated and committed to your long-term goal. Compare the progress every week or two or even months to see bigger progressions. If you track yourself day by day, this will help to see the bigger picture of yourself.

7. Do something that you like to stay motivated

This is something that I’m passionate about it.

You should not do something that you do not enjoy because somebody’s told you it’s good for you or it’s going to get your results faster or that you think that you have to do it.

For instance, you feel like you have to go run on the treadmill because that’s sort of was a common thing and spend like an hour that you absolutely hate on the treadmill while you hate the treadmill.

Some people love it and that’s totally fine but don’t go and do something just because you feel that you have to and you’re not enjoying it. That is a surefire way to get yourself bored and demotivated and basically falling off.

Whatever track you’re on to get to where you want to be do something that you enjoy and it will just change your life trust me.

8. Be mindful

Most advice doesn’t mention being mindful of who you spend your time with or give your energy to when you are going through a weight loss or physical transformation. You actually need to be around people that are supporting and also positive people. it does work to make you stay motivated.

In other words, those who aren’t going to try to push you back towards your previous lifestyle.

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What I mean by this is and I don’t want to say that you need to cut the plaque because you don’t but something that I experience a lot is you. Get people who will deem you as being obsessive and stay motivated, because they are used to a certain type of person you are and they don’t realize that you know you’re not obsessive.

You’ve just changed your priorities a little bit and suddenly you know your nutrition or your exercise, your movement, your day-to-day living, and your priorities have just changed a little bit. Those things maybe make the people around you didn’t like what you do or maybe they try to make you doubt yourself. Stay motivated!

9. Reward yourself

Use small rewards for sticking to the plan. 

I believe that we may feel that we are complex and gifted beings, however, we are still simple animals basic reward systems and almost every major weight loss.

The point is the reward systems work by having a cheat meal once a week or even a reward day every few weeks on a diet can provide a lot of psychological relief. Don’t worry that it will mess your weight loss journey. It is also something to look forward to on those days filled with more temptation.

In summary, there are several solutions for how to stay motivated to succeed in your weight loss journey. Find a daily source of motivation and focus on accomplishing one to two essential habits you can stick with. Track your progress diligently and find the type of exercise and diet plan you enjoy. Additionally, reward yourself for sticking to the plan before you go if you wouldn’t mind leaving a like and a short.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it” – Estee Lauder.

If you enjoyed this article on 6 tips on how to stay motivated in a weight loss journey or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!