Taking care of your skin is really important of course. People have been depending on skincare products. It’s like without the products, they can’t go out, no confidence, etc. However, you need to know what your skincare is doing and what you’re treating.

I think the big problem that we have now with cosmetic products is people generally want a quick fix for all kinds of concerns. On the other hand, they are not really thinking about the causes and finding out the solutions.

The scary thing is when they start having unrealistic expectations because all they are looking for is the fast result. In the end, they feel disappointed because they could not reach or meet those expectations.

Furthermore, the people or consumers of any cosmetic brands also need to know more about the origin of their problems. Thus, they would know what is the possibility like what a product is doing? Whether would it work for them? What is the limit of the product to fight unrealistic expectations?

6 Common Skin Problems and How To Get Rid of It

Therefore, I would definitely highlight that there are some commonly held beliefs about skincare that aren’t 100% true.

4 common mistakes people should avoid

1. Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer.

The truth is if your skin is overproducing oil, it may actually be dehydrated or in need of extra hydrating and moisturizing products (1). If your skin is oily, it’s probably acne-prone as well. So make sure to incorporate a lightweight moisturizer that infuses hydration without clogging pores.

If you’re suffering from oily skin, give a try or just try incorporating any lightweight moisturizer into your routine and you’ll see the difference.

2. I only need to wear sunscreen when it’s sunny.

We often hear that you only need to wear sunscreen on days when it’s sunny and this is not true. This could lead to tons of skin damage (2). So let’s start by breaking down exactly how sun damage occurs when your skin needs some sun exposure. Your skin needs to create vitamin D and melanin that helps protect against harmful UV rays (3). Thus, hiding without exposing yourself to the sun is also not healthy.

However, too much exposure to the sun’s harmful UV light can burn the skin which reduces its ability to produce a less stain. It will also lead to premature aging. In extreme cases, repeated sun exposure can also lead to skin cancer (4).

Even on cloudy days when you don’t see or feel the sun shining directly on you, that’s the time when ultraviolet rays are still reaching us. These are the light rays that can cause skin damage. The bottom line is to wear sunscreen every single day.

Sunscreen should be the last step of your daytime skincare routine after your moisturizer and before makeup.

3. The harder I scrub, the cleaner my skin will be.

The truth is that using harsh physical scrubs or exfoliant skins is going to destroy your skin’s protective barrier (5). This also will lead to redness irritation and infections like acne.

I recommend avoiding harsh microbeads or shells because they can cause micro-tears on the surface of your skin. It will lead to long-lasting damage after cleansing your skin. Thus, you shouldn’t scrub the cleaner your skin so hard.

4. Washing without hot water will help to clean my pores.

Wash your face with hot water will open up your pores and cleans them out better. The reality is that super hot water dries out your skin. This will be another factor that can damage your skin’s protective barrier, lead to inflammation, excessive dryness, and overproduction of oil.

I prefer to wash my face with warm water and finishing up with cold water to cool down my skin

6 Common Skin Problems and How To Get Rid of It

In this post, I am going to discuss all the common skin that people usually experience. The difference that is I am also providing how to overcome these issues with the skincare product.

6 skin problems and their solutions.


Many people, especially teenagers or young adults are susceptible to this particular skin problem. It is experienced by most people due to several problems. It could be due to hormonal unbalance, activities that are mostly related to unhygienic stuff, allergic, infection, stress, or the skin condition itself such as sensitive type (6).

It is also not to exclude, some of you might face this problem throughout their lifetime. This condition is not only experienced on your face but could be extended to other areas of the body such as on the back, buttock, legs, and arms. They also can cause some sort of scars that will stay permanently on your skin surface.

Acne problems also can be experienced for people through their 40s and 50s. This happens mostly due to unstable emotions.


Differin Gel with Rx-strength power is able to prevent your skin from black and heads whiteheads. It also clears up blemishes and clogged pores by restoring your skin texture and tone.

It works up to your deep pores. Don’t ever get discouraged when the breakouts get worse at your 4-6 weeks, it will show you magic after that. Stick with it until the 12th week.


Acnetame vitamin supplements for acne treatment with 60 natural pills. It is really good and works for oily skin. It clears up your skin by decreasing oil production, improving skin healing time, and has the ability to regulate your hormonal breakouts. See the magic after 3 weeks.

age spots

2. Age Spots

They are brown patches that appear on the skin as an individual gets older (7). For the most part, they are due to sun damage but some people also have a genetic predisposition to the development of these spots.

They have also been called liver spots and resemble large freckles that mostly appear on the face, neck, hands, and feet or legs as these parts are mostly exposed to the sun. Age spots are not harmful but people wish to remove them to have a clear and beautiful looking skin (8).

Solution: Dark Spot Corrector which is able to remove age spots. This product with green tea leaf extract is also working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also, improve hyperpigmentation and overall skin look with really deep moisturization. Get the results after two weeks and you will see the difference.

open pores treatment for oily skin

3. Large Pores

It could be frustrating when people can see your pores and also annoying!

Flawless skin is a dream for everyone, but larger pores are excluded. The sebum or the moisturizing oils of your skin are released through these pores when they open up on the surface of your skin (8). It will lead to skin problems such as oily skin which causes acne.

Solution: Pore Refining will help to refine your skin and reduce the appearance of your pores. This product is combined with Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner which is gently designed to remove your dead surface skin and make it smoother and clearer.

You absolutely will love it as it is suitable for sensitive skin. No irritation and also oil-free, thus it won’t clog your pores.

large pores 1 min

4. Dark circles under the eyes

This the most common problem in any facial skin condition. The first thing that you need to check is what’s your lifestyle. For instance, do you have enough sleep? Do you take a lot of salt? Do you eat lots of junk food? What about exercising? Are you able to manage to stay hydrated? All these questions are actually important to check as it will give a significant impact on the appearance of dark circles.

How can you reduce the appearance of dark circles? The important thing is you need to have enough sleep and eat healthy food.

Solution: Collagen eye masks with anti-aging effects will help you to moisturize your skin around your eyes as it has a powerful Hyaluronic Acid. The hydrating ability is working under-eye patches with vitamin C content and rose oil.

dark eyelids

5. Eczema

This skin problem can be found mostly in children but also can be experienced by adults. This chronic inflammatory skin condition causes dry red and inflamed skin. It could be really irritating as this skin problem happens with no control where the sufferer will experience rash and trigger factors (9).

There are many different types of eczema. Probably the most common type of eczema is what we call atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis where the symptoms are dry, itchy and cracked skin. Eczema now is more commonly seen in children, but you can get it when you’re an adult as well and it’s what we call a chronic condition.

People that grow with this skin condition have a long-term commitment to always trying to control it.

I am providing the video below to give you some idea about this type of skin problem.

6. Psoriasis

This skin problem apparently is still connected with eczema. It appears on the surface skin where it usually affects the scalp. The problem of why we need to handle this skin problem is because it will also affect your face (10).

This problem can be found when you are in your late teenagers or adulthood. Researchers have determined that this problem has a genetic link and results from an overproduction of skin cells that causes the area to become red, scaly, and itchy with patches. The treatment has been discovered to decrease the symptoms and alleviate the itching.

Solution: MG217 Psoriasis that is made with coal tar could help to slow down the growth of cells. It also helps to relieve itching and dryness on your skin as well as reducing redness by retaining skin’s natural moisture. Apply this product for at least 5 days and you can see the result.

skin problem

The Bottom Line

Skin is one of the parameters to tell how healthy someone is. By looking at the skin, flawless, clear, and bright of someone, we can tell that person should manage and take care of life perfectly. However, some of us might have been trying so hard to reach the point where we do all things to have healthy skin, apparently genetic and unbalanced hormones don’t support our efforts. Thus, it is always recommended to check with your doctors and treat yourself from the inside out to have healthy skin.

“Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” – Karen Grant.

If you enjoyed this article on 6 common skin problems and how to get rid of it or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.