Get your new look after this pandemic ends! Agreed?!

Let’s be positive about the current situation, staying at home makes you even more productive.

You’ve GOT RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS and you’ve seen it the scale moved, the pounds were falling off! Boosted energy and satisfaction results of all your hard work. Then suddenly… the needle stays at the exact same number as yesterday and you’re stuck. You’ve hit a weight loss plateau.

1.The weight loss plateau

When your weight does not budge at one point even though at first used to come off fairly.

You must be wondering, those pesky between 5 to 15 pounds are yet lingering, IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG? AM I DOING THESE THINGS RIGHT? DID YOU REACH WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU?

Don’t get discouraged!!

Understanding what causes and what you can do to beat this weight loss plateau are the key points.

2. Why did I stick at the weight loss plateau?

Let’s understand the correlation between calories and weight.

I will try to explain about this weight loss plateau:

When you cut your calories in order to lose weight, a rapid drop will happen. This makes your body use the energy from your muscles and liver. They release a type of carbohydrate which is called glycogen (1). It is partially made from water. That is why you release water when this type of energy source is burned.

Along with losing your weight, fat and muscles also will be reduced.

Your metabolism will also decline, why? Muscles. It is functioned to keep the rate when you burn calories (metabolism) up (2). That is why even if you keep eating the same amount of calories that you used to reduce your weight, yet it will slow your weight loss. At some points, you will reach a weight loss plateau.

You need calories to burn calories. This is the key.

Lowering your food consumption will decrease your metabolism.

weight loss plateau

“You’re not alone because weight loss plateau happens to everyone,” said dietician Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN. You should understand that this is just part of the process. When you reach your healthy weight, it is likely to be maintained, it is called set-point weight. When your weight has been dropped, the composition changes, so it needs some time to adjust and adapt.

However, I am here to provide the secrets to pass this weight loss plateau.

3.Secrets to overcoming a weight loss plateau.

How to get over this:

Adjust your calories consumption

The rule is fewer calories to consume to increase your weight loss. 

“Eat less to achieve a larger caloric deficit,” said registered dietitian Leah Kaufman, MS, RD, CDE, CDN.

I believe you will think that you are stuck in between a hard place and a rock. 

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On one side, you need to eat fewer calories to lose more weight, on another side, your metabolism rate will fall off.

Solution weight loss plateau: CALORIE CYCLING!!

What is that? It is a calorie shifting diet.

What do I need to do? You need to shift your calorie consumption (3, 4). For instance, take turns between 3000-calories days and 1500 days. The net reduction is different for everyone and carbon cycling is not for everyone.

Anyone with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and having a risk of an eating disorder should take extra precautions to apply this technique. Generally, I would highly recommend anyone to consult with your nutrition or doctor first.

Anyway, what about a low-carb diet or intermittent fasting? It helps to control hunger and fill your fullness.

How? It produces ketones that will reduce your appetite (5).

This has been proved to work in order to lose weight compared to the traditional way (6).

To check your calorie, you may use a free-website or a highly recommended app that will help you to calculate how many calories you need per day based on your goal. This app intensively will suggest your daily intake for breakfast, lunch, dinner even snacks. In addition, I provide this to check the calories of the foods you would like to eat. It breaks down to a lot of types in detail of a particular food.

Track your meal – high protein and fiber?

Are you the type of person at the last minute or a person who likes to write down all plans that you would like to do?

Well, it depends on how important they are. The same here!

Passing the weight loss plateau point is one of the important things that we should all be well-planned for. It is really important to record everything you eat or plan what you eat (7). Without tracking down how many calories, you may eat less or exceed the amount that you actually need to consume. 

Track your meal – high protein and fiber?

What is the point though? You could modify, alternate, and adjust if you are lost on track to achieve your goal (8)

That’s true if you think this sounds time-consuming but actually saves your life. Underestimate that you eat everything right is always right.

Tracking your meal, it is not about you need to track everything that you bite to pass this weight loss plateau. Grabbing a cookie or handful or two of nuts when we pass the kitchen is exceptional. What I mean is you should record the food that may cause a problem with your diet. For instance, switch a vanilla yogurt to plain yogurt or banana to a low sugar fruit.

Spread protein and fiber intake throughout the day

You probably remember about calorie cycling to keep up your metabolism rate.

Protein is another problem solved.

It is not only able to push ghrelin (cause increasing your appetite), it also helps to boost your metabolism and retain muscles during burning fat (9). As a result, consuming protein will burn calories.

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Well, it is another way to make you feel fuller, longer and getting more of the filling nutrient complete with avoiding the moment of hunger. Lentil, black beans, and avocados are examples of high-fiber food.

Be more active – vary your workout

It helps muscle mass retention, correlate with your low-calorie diet, you will burn more calories!

It means exercise (especially strengthening training) will cover the drop in your metabolism rate. 

Your body is really smart, by doing the same workout every day, it makes your muscles familiar with your routine, it will burn fewer calories. Thus, varying your workout is really important to get outside your exercise comfort zone. Try different cardio, Zumba, hiking, sports, or jogging are few examples to intensify your muscles except at the gym. You could calculate how many calories you burn to help you with weight loss or maintenance here.

Avoid alcohol

Let’s be straight forward, alcohol is your TOP enemy. No nutritional value, interfere with your weight loss, increase your appetite due to drop your blood sugar, and increase belly fat accumulation (10).

Lisa Richards CNC, a nutritionist and founder of the Candida Diet said, “Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and it contributes to weight again.” Another problem may cause people to have worse diet choices. She added,” Having a high-protein meal before drinking will make you less likely to crave junk.”

No more solution than these: you may grab low-carb alcohol such as cocktail with sugar-free, track them complete with volume and limit them.

Control your stress and sleep enough

Stress may stop your feet to reach the goal.

Not enough sleep causes a slow metabolism rate and shifting your hormone levels to drive increases your appetite and fat storage (11).

The effect is the same if the stress hormone (cortisol) is produced. It also will increase your belly fat storage. It makes weight loss become very difficult. Cortisol has a linear correlation with obesity and weight.

Late-night Netflix and workaholic, according to the U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, this lack of sleep will also lead to long-term side effects and makes your metabolism rate reach to the worst point.

Meditation routine or reading a few pages might help you to fall asleep easily.

4. 5 Hidden Secrets to overcome weight loss plateau

Cautions: Simple but powerful!

how to overcome weight loss plateau on keto

Get almonds before exercise

A study has demonstrated the effect of almonds consumption helps to reduce total calorie intake. It is found that it helps to control your appetite and stabilize your metabolism.

Eat your snacks, eat almonds.

brown almond nuts on white plate 3997459 min 1 min

Their protein and healthy fat content are able to repair muscle tissues when exercising. It means, eating almonds before exercise is highly recommended (The American Council on Exercise) to keep your goals on track.

It boosts your energy production due to a  rich source of magnesium and healthy fat.

Reduce salt

Why? Will it prevent you from weight loss?

It causes water retention.

Having a salt-free for the entire day is not advisable, but a salt-free dinner is highly recommended (12). The best way to bloating and address water retention is to get your dinner no later than 7 PM. Your body will respond in a better way around this time.

A high amount of salt consumption makes you become hungrier where it boosts your appetite and leads you to gain weight. It tends to make you feel thirsty and mostly quench it by consuming calories beverage packed.

Reduce salt

It is water weight not fat, easy to lose, agreed! However, remember your goal, overcome a weight-loss plateau.

Solution: potassium-rich food can help, such as bananas, sweet potato, and spinach.

Drink water – before meals and exercise

Flush with fluids. Water carries everything. 

Water not only can help you to flush out excess salt in your system but also increase your power through exercise effectively and keep you from being hungry.

Drink water – before meals and exercise

It is advisable to drink water before exercising and also meals. 

Nutritionist Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN recommends drinking a glass or two of water to fill you up and delimit calorie intake overall. Approximately, 9% or 194 kcal per day can be cut by taking water before a meal (13).

One study found that, over a 12-week period, dieters who consumed water before meals lost around 44% compared with those who were non-water dieters.

Recommendation: increase your fat burning by 17% with green tea (14). Your liver’s fat-burning will speed up with their powerful compounds called catechins

  • Eat vegetables at every meal

Healthier fare, alright!

Low calorie, increases your fiber intake and gives you more nutrition.

Note: feeling fuller and longer.

Eat vegetables at every meal

Include them in any single meal you take, it helps you a lot to reverse a weight loss plateau.

Click here to check the carbohydrate of vegetables.

Do not skip meals

What happens to your body when you skip meals? Tiredness.

You may miss out on essential nutrients. Do not confuse by doing intermittent fasting and skipping meals. They are two different things. Skipping meals in the way of punishing yourself or you are too busy to eat is totally different from intermittent fasting where it is under control and on a set schedule.

The best way to maintain your plan is to eat when your body needs and stop when the need has been met.

Good luck!

The Bottom Line

You ARE NOT ALONE in order to pass a weight-loss plateau.

It is one of the processes on your weight loss journey. Hope these secrets help you to reach your point.

“It is only when you make the process, your goal that your big dream will follow.” (Oprah Winfrey)

If you enjoyed this article on secrets in secrets to overcome a weight-loss plateau or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!