Have you ever wondered why some people are more prone to get sick and some people catch a cold easily? Their immune system, right!.

Different people have different immunity levels. So, how can we improve it?

This question is now on everyone’s mind during this pandemic. Several ways or top secrets to improve your immune system information have been released on different platforms. People seems like have started to search what is the best way to do or what type of multivitamins do they need? Everything about it.

However, have you ever thought that following general good-health guidelines will help?

The thought of boosting immunity is enticing but it should not be as complicated as what you think. So, for those workaholics that are almost 24/7 sitting with my computer. I think it is now the best time for you to start to care more about yourself.

Can I boost my immune system naturally then?


If you try to be positive on all you have, BANG! BANG! BANG!

This attitude is actually one of the ways that nature will bring your immune system the upper hand. I know it is not easy to reduce stress, but it is essential to always make yourself happy. If it’s not you, WHO ELSE?!

In addition, to ensure your immunity is strong enough, your diet and daily routine should be changed. I do not say that you have to change it progressively. Slowly but SURE!

5 healthy tips to boost your immune system naturally

Think about the immune system, think as a football game. Therefore, for the best performance, you want all the players in the field to perform at its best. You don’t necessarily want one player to dribble the ball alone without passing it to his teammate. This works the same as your immune system. Every component needs to perform as to how it should work to protect your body from harm.

To ensure that you use the best strategies, here are five healthy tips that are highly recommended to follow.

1. Be in a good mood

Maybe, SMILE:) It is the easiest way to feel happy.

What if, “ I do not have anyone to live with, staying alone especially now I can’t go outside, Should I smile to my self then?” “Yes, cheer up yourself! Happiness is always started by your own”

  • Minimize your stress
  • Get active
  • Exercise regularly

When I look at a mirror especially in the morning, I see myself then I smile. Yes! I will start my new day.

Be positive can boost your immune system

If you don’t have a problem, it means you are not alive.

Humans tend to make a mistake. So then, I always tell myself that I grow up because I make mistakes. Thus, being in a positive state of mind is real by realizing your potential and strengths. Keep trying!

Stress is a common problem for those who have or have no job, overloaded, away from your family, or your loved ones. Especially this time, when we can’t travel or even go out. Diving your mind into a negative thought won’t change the situation.

There will be always a way to solve the problem. During this time, giving a call to someone important for a few minutes to change your mood. Meanwhile, trying to improve your cooking skills is also a good way to avoid being stressed. Furthermore, take an online course will also help to keep your mind busy thinking unnecessary things.

What about this?

Rooftop is a great place for doing exercise

Balcony or rooftop is a great place to exercise. Why do you need to lock yourself all day without breathing in the fresh air?

Honestly, I used to don’t like to exercise, even though I know I need them.

I always tell myself that I am busy with work, no time to exercise, but I do need them. However, I have successfully dragged myself to exercise at least 10 mins each day. It means a lot. Thus, I am now trying to maintain 30-40 mins each day.

You will feel the pain at first, that’s normal. It means you’ve done a great job to yourself!

In addition, exercise is able to enhance your overall health. It also helps to produce endorphins which is your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters (1).

The gym is closed or far, my house is small, no place to do exercise. Well, that is not an excuse. My apartment is also small, but I am able to manage it. I only need 2 x 2 m.

Furthermore, you can follow the guide on The Freeletics, it provides a weekly series of exercises based on your goal. In addition, many audio episodes and tracking your progress that is adapted to your nutrition are also provided to help you to reach your fitness goal. Fighting!

2. Get enough sleep

We aim to have a deep sleep such as close the eyes when it’s dark and wake up when it is light, isn’t it?

The correlation between having stress or a bad mood can be found here. When your mind is not relaxing, it also distracts your sleep. Thus, we still feel tired even though we have been sleeping all day. Remember, oversleep is bad for your health, it’s always better to be more productive.

One study found that 8 hours of sleep are good enough to supply oxygen in your body. It makes you feel fit and fresh to start your brand new day. What if your sleep is disrupted during the night? Get a nap for 30 mins or an hour to cover up.

Remember, sleeping at night is healthier than during the day. Meanwhile, at night, our organs will start the real works, storing all the important parts we have received, and cleaning out the gunk we have produced.

3. Think about your eating habits

Who loves junk food here? I do! Well, watch your diet. Think about food, I always think of delicious food.

Do you agree with me that tasty food is unhealthy, healthy food is not tasty, less tasty I mean?

Maybe it depends. I am a meat lover, lamb especially, grilled in a big oven with animal fat. It is unhealthy, I know!

However, I have seriously started to balance my diet, eating low-carb food, and powering up my body with phytochemicals. Fruits and vegetables are also the best ways. Their natural multivitamins protect cells from damage that may also lead to heart diseases, cancer, and other diseases caused by free radicals.

It is called antioxidants.

Antioxidant is essential to boost immune system

Talking about antioxidants, what are the best sources of antioxidants? Blueberries, strawberry, red cabbage, spinach, carrot, beets, kale, or cucumber. Anything is colored!.

The best time to consume this as micronutrients is one to two hours before or after heavy meals, thus, your body will absorb it perfectly.

Furthermore, I would especially highlight vitamin C that also acts as an antioxidant. People seem like recently have been started to consume lemon or orange to fight the virus. People who suffer from gastritis may avoid consuming lemon, but don’t worry, as long as you consume other fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, it should be enough.

You could also add astaxanthin to your diet. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant mostly contained in salmon, shrimp, crab, lobster, and trout (3). It is strongly able to balance and strengthen your immune system. It is 6000 stronger than Vitamin C and 100 stronger than Vitamin E.

4. Do you get enough sunlight?

Get enough sunlight but avoid sunburn to avoid risks. Your body will be able to synthesize vitamin D if it’s exposed to sunlight with a good starting for 15 minutes.

If it is talking about vitamin D, we can be found in salmon or milk. So, why do we still need to increase sunlight exposure? This is the easiest way.

Professor Gerard Ahern from Georgetown University said (1).

“We all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity among other things”.

It is kind of a win-win situation.

As I have mentioned earlier about doing exercise regularly, getting enough sunlight can be achieved when you are working out on the balcony. No balcony? You can do it near the window where you can easily expose to the sun, it should work.

Get more sunlight, get more vitamin D

Does sunshine make you happy? Of course!

You may relax by getting fresh air or also while finishing your job. What I normally do, probably having breakfast in the balcony while watching a movie. Maybe you can choose one of them.

5. I need to quit smoking and do I need alcohol?

Do I need alcohol? Not really! Is it safe? It is best to limit it.

A high level of alcohol consumption will reduce your immune system function. Meanwhile, a review study published in 2015 in Alcohol Research found high-level consumption of alcohol can weaken the ability of your body to fight the virus because your immune system is too busy to detoxify your system.

For those who never drink, better not to start, for the rest, you should limit to a 4-ounce glass wine equivalent per day for women, based on NIH recommendation. It is approximately one drink for women and two drinks for men per day.

These are the enemies of your immune system

Like alcohol, like a cigarette that produced several chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nicotine, nitrogen oxides, and cadmium. As a result, these chemicals can compromise your immune system. According to a review in Oncotarget in 2016, the growth and function of your immune cells will interfere with these toxins.

First of all, it is hard to quit smoking, but based on my observation of smokers, they never quit instantly because it makes them feel horrible. In contrast, you could do step by step, such as if you consume all 20 cigarettes in one pack per day, it could be reduced to 18 for the first week, then continue to 16 for the following week, until you are getting used to it. It seems like behavioral therapy, as one of the recommendations of the CDC.

Counseling probably might help, chewing gum mostly works, or getting prescription non-nicotine medication is encouraged.

Good luck!

“Much of the stress that people have doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they have started” – Viggo Mortensen.

If you enjoyed this article on 5 healthy tips how to boost your immune system naturally or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!