You’ve probably heard so many tips on how to lose the love handles and Back fat . You could probably find out on other websites but here I provide tips or you can call some tricks to lose this stubborn fat around your hips so then you can show up especially during this summer or anytime you want.

This stubborn fat as you know in fact it’s a bit difficult to get rid of it, but nothing is impossible. Your commitment as always. I expect we all know that love handles are the fat accumulated at the first spot when it comes to packing on the pack. In contrast, it will be the last spot to lose it.

One of the worst ways people tend to do is yo-yo dieting. This type of diet is about losing and gaining by strictly doing a diet to lose love handles or weight than being a bit flexible to restore your fat again or getting more weight within a short time frame relatively. In fact, being too strict will cause you another problem which is making losing love handles goals only getting worse.

10 Tricks To Lose Love Handles & Back fat fast

Thus, in this article, I will provide 10 ways or you can call the best tricks you can choose or combine to lose love handles without feeling like starving yourself. I know the feeling of being miserable by doing a strict diet to cut this annoying muffin top. The goal is to lose these love handles. Surely things could be done by having a proper guideline or ways that make you stick with it.

At this time, I am providing you with the best suggestions in order to make your diet become worthy and simply. Not only that, but I also will include exercises to lose love handles that surely can help you to tone your body by losing and burning that annoying fat away.

Important note: Do not get surprised when you see the amazing results by following these ways below.

10 Tricks To Lose Love Handles & Back fat fast :

1. Take a diet full of foods which contain a high thermic effect.

It is obvious that reducing or cutting calories needs efforts or can be quite difficult as you need to limit your food consumption. In contrast, if you can prioritize certain foods that require more energy to break it down, it will be a lot easier as you can burn more calories by just consuming these foods.

Eating foods that have a high thermic effect will take a part of your total caloric deficit, as such it will lead to more fat loss. The good thing is this happens without you having tons of efforts as these types of foods consume your calorie storage to digest and absorbs the nutrients (1).

Picture2 1 min 1

Let’s compare!

In general, carbohydrates and fats require only around 5 to 15% of the calories you consume in order to digest. In contrast, around 20 to 35% is used up to digest protein (2). Thus, taking protein gives more impact on fat loss that leads to loss love handles.

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For this reason, that is why you need to ensure that every day you take at least 0.73 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight (3). The advantages that we could conclude by taking these type of foods are not only helping you to lose fat or to lose love handles, it is also giving you a lot fewer net calories.

2. Decrease your sugar intake to lose love handles.

Everyone knows that consuming sugar will give bad effects as it has very high calories. Well, not about filling up your stomach by having high calories will let you feel full. Consuming lots of sugar is actually linked to central obesity. Sugar makes such a great impact on your body to store fat compared to how much it should be (4).

The nightmare is the fat storage will take a spot around your stomach and it is obviously resulting in love handles. Additionally, it is also bad for your health as it increases the frequency of circulating insulin levels resulting in decreased insulin sensitivity (5).

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It will be twice as much if your body contains an exceeding amount of fats and consuming sugar makes it a lot harder to burn the previously stored fat. Also, on top of it, regular high consumption of sugar automatically stimulates your brain to crave for it (6). Besides, your palate will be desensitized as when you eat fruit that is naturally sweet, it won’t satisfy you enough compared to all the processed sugar products.

For instance, those are with artificial ingredients, added sugar, flavor enhancers, and high fructose products.

Thus, whenever you are buying any products that are packaged or having a really long shelf-life, you need to ensure their nutrition and ingredients by checking the labels to limit your daily sugar intake.

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Additionally, by having too much unnatural sugar, it reduces your enjoyment of healthy natural food that would actually help you to lose love handles.

3. Stop taking refined carbohydrates.

Not only sugar should be taken into consideration, but refined carbohydrates also need your concern.

Why? Refined carbohydrates will be converted to sugar very quickly (7).

How fast would it be converted? Right after you eat them!!

Look! Refined grains lose their nutrients as a result the thermic effect is also reduced makes it easier to break it down. Thus, digesting this food is not only taking a shorter time, also will speed up the rate of digestion. In the end, it won’t last long in your stomach to make you stay full.

Examples of refined carbohydrate foods are bread and tortillas with white flour content, waffles, pastries, white rice, pizza, cakes, flavored yogurt, breakfast cereals, and pasta sauce. Besides that, these foods are normally having sugar added.

I totally understand that avoiding them is so hard. However, it is always best to put a limit on taking them into your diet and stick with carbohydrates coming from natural sources such as brown rice, sweet potato, buckwheat, and barley.

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4. Eating enough soluble fiber.

Why is soluble fiber really important to be included in your diet?

It makes you feel full longer!

Consuming enough soluble fiber would fill up your stomach and with the point of long-last to stay full, it makes you consume fewer calories naturally without making you feel starving (8).

Brussels sprouts, some grains like barley, broccoli, beans, and oats are examples of foods that are soluble fiber with a high number.

A previous study investigated how soluble fiber foods are able to lead fat loss that will result in loss of love handles. Participants increased by 10 grams of the amount of soluble fiber in the daily intake that led them to lose a three-point seven percent love handles around their midsection.

Picture9201 min

Recommendation: the good way to lose love handles is taking soluble fiber with every meal. Make them your priority as well as the protein.

5. Take more healthy fat.

In order to reduce hunger and also optimize your hormone, you also need to include more healthy fats into your diet. What are they? Cheese, eggs, avocado, fatty fish, nuts, or olive oil.

Fats could also help you to stay full longer as it can slow your digestion process. Besides, adding them to your meals makes them taste better. Thus, not only reducing calorie intake, but it will also make your diet more enjoyable that will make you stick with it.

Important note: the idea of having less fat as you probably don’t want to add fat in order to lose love handles, it is a totally wrong idea. The side effects of not having enough fats are disrupting your vital hormones.

Thus, make sure that you consume 20 to 35 percent fats of your daily calorie intake (8). Remember, healthy fat.

6. Lift weights.

Oblique building exercising will not really help you to lose love handles. Abdominal work mostly builds muscle underneath the fat as it doesn’t burn many calories. By combining heavyweight exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and bench presses, you could burn more calories. At the same time, for the recovery process, the calories are also required.

Thus, double calories numbers are burnt.

7. High-intensity training for 15 mins.

Continuing your exercise with 15 mins high-intensity training after a heavyweight exercise combination will use up your glycogen or carbohydrate stores as your body needs the energy to do the exercises.

My recommendation is to have the exercise that gives impact to your whole body as targeting the workout only to your midsection won’t be enough. One hit session per one week and keep changing your types of exercises and continue burning fat!!!

8. Having enough sleep.

By having enough sleep, you actually will lead testosterone to cortisol to lose more fat that leads to losing love handles (9). The disruptive causes of hormones will increase the fat storage around your love handles and belly areas.

Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night will cut all those negative things that have been mentioned.

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A previous study investigated people who slept around 6 to 7 hours tend to lose weight compared to people that slept less than 5 hours. Additionally, sleep deprivation will give a terrible result for fat loss.

9. Reduce to consume alcohol.

Consuming alcohol will cause fat burning as a second thing to do as your body organs will focus more to process the alcohol you have consumed. Also, 7 calories are added up for every gram of alcohol and it will be more terrible if it’s your drinks are also sugar added (10).

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Although you might have heard that having one or two glasses of wine per day gives a possibility to reduce cardiovascular diseases. However, it will not give an impact to reduce the chances of increasing love handles.

10. Intermittent fasting.

I would close this post with the last step which is intermittent fasting where it is available with different types of protocols. You may choose to fast for 12 hours, 16 hours, 20 or 23 hours, or even longer.

For those who are not familiar with all about intermittent fasting and also as a new beginner, it is recommended to read this article. You should have the idea how many hours you should fast, please…please… don’t start for longer hours if you have never done before.

The benefit you will get by doing intermittent fasting is you will most likely reduce the number of calorie intake during the fasting windows and can have larger more satiating and filling meals during the eating window.

I know and realize fasting sounds more complicated, but this way is actually one of the good ways to give a good result to lose love handles.

The Bottom Line

Having a goal to lose love handles is not something that is impossible but surely needs your great commitment to cutting the causes and adding action solutions. All the ways are good but could work differently from one to another. You are highly recommended to consult with your doctor or nutrition expert.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe.

If you enjoyed this article on 10 tricks to lose love handles fast or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!